Spot the snipe!

November 28, 2021 • 10:10 am

Yes, people have been sent out on fruitless snipe hunts, but there really is a bird called the snipe. In fact, there are 26 species that go by that name, all in the bird family Scolopacidae. Matthew, who started the “spot the nightjar” series, sent this “spot the snipe” photo.  I’ve put the extracted picture below the tweet so you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it. So SPOT THE SNIPE!

The answer will appear at 4 p.m. Chicago time.

The photo. This one I’d consider “very difficult.”  Do not cheat and look HARD. Count yourself lucky if you get it!

14 thoughts on “Spot the snipe!

  1. Definitely a tough one. Jack Snipe do indeed sit very tight and fly up from literally beneath your feet. They certainly live up to the ‘cryptes’ part of their name Lymnocryptes minimus!

  2. That was a tough one! Found it after magnifying the photo, but each time I shrank the pic to the posted size I couldn’t discern it at all. That despite knowing just where to look. Much shorter bill than our North American species, Wilson’s Snipe. Which I suppose will be losing its common name, if the folks in charge have their way.

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