Kink the Cat is back!

October 4, 2021 • 12:30 pm

Two days ago I reported that Kink the Cat, beloved of Doc Bill in Houston, had unaccountably disappeared from his front yard. Doc was of course distraught, and I (and some readers) tried to tell him not to give up hope—that lost cats frequently come back after a period of time.

This optimism is usually foreign to me, but i know enough lost-and-returning cat stories to not keep saying, as Doc Bill did to me, “No, Kink is gone for good.”  The more I tried to give him some hope, the louder he maintained that he would never see his beloved Kink again.

Well, as of this morning, Doc Bill is eating crow while Kink is chowing down on cat food. Yes, as the song goes, “The cat came back.”  I’ll let Doc Bill tell the story in an email titled “Guess who came back?”

Helen opened the kitchen door to the garage to go shopping and Kink was on the mat, big as you please.  Helen shouted, “Kink is in the garage!” and I came running.

I expected a matted, wet, starved waif but it was just Kink.  Bit of a limp but otherwise fine.  Supports my cat abduction theory and he got away.  We’ve had torrential thunderstorms this week and any cat caught out in that would have been quite miserable.

Anyway, I’ll give you another update.  Kink is scuttling around the house nervously.

Never say never, I guess.

 I congratulated Doc Bill, but couldn’t resist chastising him for his unrelenting pessimism when I told him that maybe Kink was gone for good, but I, for one, was holding out hope. Doc Bill replied:

I will gladly eat crow, rather than crows eat Kink!

I confess that as pessimistic as I was, I checked outside several times a day, and in the wee hours of the morning when I let Sherlock out.  I stared at the front porch willing him to saunter out of the azaleas like a Big Shot.  I scanned the trees for owls and eagles, but never saw any.  I watched for turkey vultures who always have a convention in the middle of the road around some hapless squirrel.  I looked for bluebottles.  Nothing.

Wherever he was, Kink found his way back to the house and through the cat door into the garage.  Amazing cat.  Not even Google Maps.  How do they do that?

In response to my last inquiry about how the lad was doing, I got this:

Kink is doing fine.  He had two portions of Sheba chicken paté, tanked up on water and went upstairs to sleep.  Interestingly, Mr. Q [the other cat] hissed at Kink in the kitchen.  I suspect Kink smelled “funny.”  It has been a joy to hear the familiar vocalizations Kink makes as he checked out the house.  Kink is behaving like it’s a normal day.  “Hi, guys, what’s for breakfast?  Oh, chicken paté!  What a surprise.”

And so all is well in Houston, and Kink and the Doc are reunited.

17 thoughts on “Kink the Cat is back!

  1. Good to hear. I love a happy ending.

    I too have had cats go uncharacteristically missing for two or three days. I wonder if they mostly end up accidentally locked in someone else’s garage. A few times I’ve driven into my garage at night and seen the eye-shine from a cat hiding amongst the clutter, and had to chase it out. If the cat was a bit better hidden it would been easy to lock the door with it inside.

  2. Yeah, if only they could talk, I hear you on that! Kink is a real homebody. He comes in from the outside to use his litter box. Mr. Q, on the other hand, a tuxedo cat, goes out in the morning and returns covered in mud and bbq charcoal ash, like he’s been working in a coal mine.

    A few years back there was a piece on the BBC, I think, about an engineer who fitted his cat with a camera and GPS. Turns out there was a moggy mafia where they all gathered to meet-and-greet. Leads me to think that Mr. Q might be an “auditor” for the local cat mafia; who knows how many shallow graves he’s dug!

    Anyway, Kink is upstairs sawing logs and as for me and the crows, I’ll still chose Fact vs Faith. Just sayin’ …

      1. Q is short for “rescue.” A neighbor picked him up having been tossed out of a car on the freeway. She saw it tossed and when she drove by it was a kitten, not a McDonald’s cup. She pulled over and at great personal risk walked against traffic and picked it up. She brought it to us to keep overnight to take to the shelter in the morning because she had large dogs. We took one look at that tiny, dirty, scared face and said, “Nope. He’s staying with us.” He weighed less than one kilo and now he’s 7.7 kg! He is a lovely Qat, a bit mysterious and … we don’t ask questions.

    1. Glad he’s back. I hope he had an interesting, in a good way, outing, overall.

      Like many, I have been there and, fortunately, all have made it home eventually. One of my best friends, up near Bangor, has lost several over the years to the local fauna (all indoor, but many decidedly indoor cats do decide to go on adventure tours without warning).

  3. I am glad Kink is back. It is a difficult time for the cats’ staff when they disappear. My guess would be that someone abducted him or he got a fright and was hiding.

  4. Life is good when our furbabies are safe and healthy and home. Kink’s story made my day. Ty for sharing it.

  5. I am so very happy to hear that Kink returned safe and sound. Please do give him a few additional fusses from us (on top of the extra fusses he’s undoubtedly received) 🙂

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