Lovely BBC video of meerkats standing on videographers

September 12, 2021 • 2:00 pm

Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) are a type of social mongoose that lives at the very southern part of Africa. We all know them and love them because they’re cute and they stand on their rear legs when surveying their surroundings for danger.  The BBC’s Planet Earth has filmed them so extensively that they’ve become inured to the presence of humans, and even stand on photographers’ bodies and heads.

Here’s an adorable and short BBC video showing this behavior. Look for a quip about the size of the director’s buttocks!

7 thoughts on “Lovely BBC video of meerkats standing on videographers

  1. I adore meerkats but I do wonder if they give the cameramen and others, fleas or lice etc to them. This would then not be the ideal interaction but otherwise it would be nice and fun experience

  2. The Meerkats are great. By the way, someone jumped the gun on Monday I think. I already got the Monday Hili Dialogue.

  3. Presumably scanning the horizon and expelling solid bodily waste were known to never occur simultaneously. However the onset of baldness might be staved off with suitable fertilization.

    Even thinking of this may be an indication of a form of mental deficiency. But similar examples, not with African mammals, are among my regrettable experiences—enough said.

    Should have been a reply to #2.

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