McWhorter’s book is done and in press: he calls it “the most pro-black book” he’s ever written

May 24, 2021 • 2:45 pm

As John McWhorter just announced on his website (click on screenshot), his book on anti-racism as a religion enacted by “The Elect” is in press. Click on the screenshot to read:

Here’s part of McWhorter’s announcement:

[The] manuscript will be released as a book by Portfolio (also a Penguin Random House imprint) in October. It will be published under a new title: Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America.

I should mention that the often sharp and insightful subscriber comments, as well as the brilliant editorial counsel of Bria Sandford at Portfolio, have already made Woke Racism significantly different from the The Elect excerpts. Woke Racism will express what the Substack excerpts did and then some. It will still analyze Third-Wave Antiracism as a religion. It will still make legions of black people see me as a race traitor. It will still make legions of white people see me as a tragically deluded white supremacist with brown skin who merits dismissal and ostracization.

And amidst all of that, it will still represent what I consider the most pro-black book I have ever written.

But this does mean that from now on, my Substack “newsletter” will be exactly that. I am glad many of you have enjoyed my posts here beyond the The Elect excepts, and they will continue, at the rate of once or twice (and I hope, more often, twice) a week. I have loved communicating to you as well as the feedback I get. Let’s keep this going.

Only: get “The Elect” as a real book, Woke Racism, around Halloween. Here, get my take on things as they happen, unfiltered.

I’ve read the excerpts so far, and am sure it’ll do fantastically well, bought by people on the fence, anti-racists who want to see what they’re up against, and, of course, bigots themselves, who will see in McWhorter not his genuine attempt to forge true equality between groups, but a denigration of African-Americans.

14 thoughts on “McWhorter’s book is done and in press: he calls it “the most pro-black book” he’s ever written

  1. I’m pre-ordering a hard copy right now. And I hope John McWhorter lives and writes forever and makes a billion dollars from tens of millions of people buying this book. (We can all dream, right?!)

    1. I’ve started reading it as well and I have become positively addicted to his solo podcast, Lexicon Valley (as much as I dislike Slate). If you love language and enjoy McWhorter’s take on life, and enjoy show tunes (he uses music as segues or as examples) , then give it a listen. He is a genuinely interesting person and has wonderfully broad tastes in music, tv, film…it’s just great fun, trust me!

      1. I discovered him through his courses on linguistics on Great Courses. I borrowed the CDs from the library. Then I read his books and listened to him on Lexicon Valley and the Glenn Show. He is a great public intellectual.

  2. I think the gamut of writing that is critical of religion – but especially post-God Delusion material and its audience – has set the stage for McWhorter to effectively criticize – in a precise way – the thought processes of The Elect (now known as Woke Racists?). A well-crafted updated title.

  3. I am particularly enthusiastic for this book, but not because it will make an argument against woke ideology, but because it will be lucid writing. As such, McWhorter’s book will – ironically – be the best antiracist and woke book ever written!

  4. I’m looking forward to the book. I’m also glad they went with a title that is more descriptive of the material. He didn’t say anything about the title change so I wonder if McWhorter was not completely happy with the change.

    McWhorter also has a new article in the Economist by invitation (the link is a “gift link” so I don’t know if it will work):

    John McWhorter on how critical race theory poorly serves its intended beneficiaries
    To help black Americans, focus on policy, not making sure everyone uses your chosen phraseology

  5. I shall buy the book when it is released. I enjoy McWhorter’s excellent writing. I am sure his book will be an eyeopener and equip with me arguments against the new religion Woke. Sadly, New Zealand is headed down the same woke path as the U.S. Unfortunately, things will get worse before they improve.

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