Spot the hare!

March 12, 2021 • 8:30 am

Here’s a tweet from the Whitmuir Estate in Britain. There’s a hare in there; can you spot it? (Enlarged photo below; h/t Matthew)

The reveal is below the fold.

Click “read more” to see the reveal:

Here’s the hare! You can see its fur (arrows) below the ferns. That’s a well hidden lagomorph!

11 thoughts on “Spot the hare!

  1. We similarly have a small rabbit that always hides under a particular bush. Our d*g regularly flushes it out for a chase, but it’s odd that neither runs nearly as fast as they could.

    1. I couldn’t get any sound, but “Yorkshire” is a big place – largest county in the country, stretches from rural east coast, through the most populous conurbation in the country, and then up into hill farms which get within sight of the west coast. Lot of variation there.
      If I wanted to get into a bun fight, I’d say more variation than in Lancashire, but they’d probably bring the Scousers in and it’d all go very Eckythump. Particularly if the Mackems and Geordies get involved.

      1. Eckythump?? There were a lot of “he were’s…”. I chuckle when you Brits talk about big counties🤓 It is amazing how many regional accents you have in such a comparatively small country.

        1. It’s amazing how few regional accents you Americans have managed to conceive in such a large country.
          Well, I’m assuming you don’t have many accents. I haven’t got the ear for it myself.

  2. Somehow the pics are inhibited from viewing but I solved it (?) by recognizing the unmistakable hair – most likely of animal origin. However, it is a struggle to place the known animal envelope around the hair positions, and the giveaway pair of eyes is elusive.

    I also cannot explain my precise, heavy-duty writing on this matter of whimsical trivia – I must be procrastinating heavily today!

  3. Ah – I see the arrow now – are there features besides hairs? This is a good one, I always seem to hone my pattern matching abilities on these.

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