Here are the mallards!

November 30, 2020 • 1:00 pm

Did you spot all three mallards in this morning’s photo from Gregory James? Here’s the reveal:

Gregory added this:

There’s a puzzle I have. There are a couple of bird houses in the marsh and a third one, on the far right, that is of a sort I’ve never seen. It is kind of like a hollow log on it’s side, stuck on a pole. There were a few of these at the site and I have no idea what kind of bird they are intended for.  Any idea?

9 thoughts on “Here are the mallards!

    1. I was wondering why the original image, which was higher resolution than the one with the reveal, showed up grainy. I attributed it to WordPress acting up.

  1. That’s what is known as a “duck tube”–used by various ducks, especially mallards (!) for nesting. It provides shelter from predators, both from above and from below–and to a great extent from the sides. Some of the wildlife sanctuaries in my area (south central PA) use them. The ducklings have just a very short jump into the water when they hatch, unlike Honey’s brood this past spring.

    1. That would be my guess as well. I know of several lakes where residents put up similar boxes for wood ducks.

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