Spot the frog!

November 29, 2020 • 9:00 am

We’re back with another “spot the. . .” feature, originally started by Matthew as a “spot the nightjar” contest. Today’s photo comes from Alex Kleine, who says this:

Since the wildlife photo tank has been running low, I thought I’d might entertain the readers with another “find the camouflaged animal” game.

The story came as I was walking on a path at West Rock State Park in Connecticut near Lake Wintergreen when I stumbled upon this well-camouflaged frog. I do not know the species of this particular one though your readers could help venture a guess. Attached to this message firstly is the game photo, along with the answer highlighted in red and some other photos of the frog after the game has been completed.

Hopefully the photo quality isn’t too blurry with the smartphone camera I used at the time.

Can you spot it? (I count this one as “pretty hard”.)  The reveal comes at 1 pm Chicago time. Click the photo to enlarge.


12 thoughts on “Spot the frog!

  1. Not sure; too small for my old eyes, and when blown up, too blurry. So I absently gazed and let pareidolia take over, allowing me to find several human faces (somewhat Picasso-esque) and a frogfish (which are well camouflaged in their natural environment) and make for good “spot the —” images).

  2. The frog was one of three of my possibilities. But, even after seeing the image circled and enlarged, I’m not convinced it’s really a frog… 😉

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