Readers’ wildlife photos

October 29, 2020 • 7:45 am

Today we have more street photography from Joe Routon, whose captions are indented. (Remember, good street photography counts as wildlife.)

Jerry, in one of your recent newsletters you mentioned that you admire the work of Cartier-Bresson so I thought you might like to see some of my street photography.
When I’m roaming the streets with my camera, I’m searching for something that tells a story and evokes an inward response.
When I first noticed this man and his sign on the street, I desperately wanted to take his picture. But, he was very intimidating, so I hesitated. In fact, I walked by him four or five times, trying to summon up the courage to ask him if I could take his photo.  When I finally took the plunge, I was relieved when he smiled and said, “Sure.” After I had taken several photos, I expected him to extend his palm for some kind of fee. Instead of asking for any money, he wished me a good day. Thrilled to get the photo, I reached into my wallet and retrieved a ten dollar bill for him.

I made this photo from our hotel room in Estonia. The young lady was not quite as romantically involved as her boyfriend.

Here are young girls keeping cool on a hot day.

When we travel, I’m always on the lookout for street photos. I made this one of a barber in India.
While doing some shopping in a grocery store, I happened upon this lady. It takes a person with courage and nerves of steel to approach someone wearing a “No Photos Please” shirt and ask to take a photo. I have neither courage nor nerves of steel, but I absolutely had to have that picture, so I asked. The sweet lady laughed and nodded. With the help of photography, I’m gradually learning to overcome my shyness.


31 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. Thank you, Janet! When a person allows me to photograph him/her, I feel that I’m given a gift—that I’m taking a part of that person with me.

  1. Good photos. The guy with the placard is just great. There’s a face that tells a story. I would love to know it.

    1. Frank, I’d like to have spent some time learning more about him. It goes to show that you can’t tell a book by its cover.

    1. Curt, funny. The apostrophe in “pigeon’s” adds to the charm. I especially like the copyright symbol and the “pat. pending.” A creative guy, for sure.

  2. I almost never comment on photos (no offense to the many other talented photographers here!). Your work is phenomenal. Art rarely makes me feel anything; but these pictures do.

  3. It’s great that your camera became your friend in overcoming shyness. It’s not just you, but the camera asking: “C’mon Joe, I think I could really get a great shot. Help me out here, buddy.”

    1. Thank you, Sugould! It’s great having a camera that eggs me on. It also helps that people are often flattered when asked permission for a photo. I try to make them feel good about the experience.

  4. Excellent pics, sir.
    I think I am certainly something close to the guy in the “lovers” in the picture. It is why I don’t date millennials: all that damn phone checking.

    —- I loved the street barber one. Did you see the STREET DENTISTS (!) in India? Or the child circuses with “high wire” acts? It is a trip of a country and a set of precious lifelong memories. But get your teeth done before you go. 🙂

    D.A. NYC

    1. David, thank you! Yes, we saw a street dentist in India, and I took a photo of his gruesome looking implements.I also photographed a man on the street selling sticks to use as tooth brushes.

      Speaking of dentists, I had an emergency root canal performed in Poland. The dentist did an excellent job, and it only cost me $26.

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