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June 10, 2020 • 2:15 pm

Yes, folks, this is the last one I have in the till, so if you don’t submit one or two photos and a brief commentary (preferably but not necessarily about your quarantine activities), I will shoot this dog.

Today’s photos come from reader David Anderson, and I’ve indented his words:

I’m a 50 year old Australian-American, a former Wall St. attorney and now writer living in the center of the hot zone during the new “Corona-cene”: Chelsea, Manhattan.

Its a weird world here right now in a curfew wrapped in a lock-down playing out in a half abandoned, recently boarded up neighborhood and I write about it for various lefty websites. I used to write about foreign politics, the law and psychology but my editors mainly want stories about how NYC is getting by now.

[JAC: You can find an example of David’s published prose here.]

I’m kept on an even keel by my d-g who, by most accounts of people who like me admit: “is a goood boy!” – a ten year old Mini Australian Shepherd named “Aussie” who allows me an excuse to get out of the apartment so we (him, mainly) go downstairs to 8th Ave for a piddle.

JAC: Here’s a photo called “Dave and Dog Have a Relax”:

Life is not bad here all things considered and I’m lucky the individual lottery of life circumstances allows me and Aussie to live in peace and we are fed (WITH TREATS!) for which we’re very thankful.

The large, ocean liner like building behind my balcony there (and thank goodness for balconies!) is the old Port Authority of NY/NJ Building and was where the first intercontinental cable “came up” out of the sea from Europe about a century ago.

Now it is Google’s East Coast HQ. They “rainbow-ize” the “oo”s in their big sign every June but unlike other years there’ll be no big gay parade this year here in Chelsea. And their office windows are boarded up, but like haircuts for me and “Aussie” it’ll all come back one day.



16 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Very nice photos here. I know a guy named Dave Anderson, but it’s another one. This is where someone says, there are eight million stories in the naked city and this is one of them.

    1. I went to college with yet another Dave Anderson who went kinda weird into the Rosicrusians after grad.
      Nice to see that this Dave is getting a good face wash from Aussie🐾🐾

  2. I’m a 50 year old Australian-American, a former Wall St. attorney and now writer living in the center of the hot zone during the new “Corona-cene”: Chelsea, Manhattan.

    Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to my ears, mate, the ‘Rona notwithstanding.

    And now you’re a war correspondent, after a fashion. 🙂

  3. Nice dawg… Very nice doggie… Nice dog… (And good to see someone politely trying to avoid that face/mouth-licking business that nice doggies frequently attempt. I accept that they do it and I understand why, but I don’t approve of people submitting to it — igitt!)

    1. Oh Aussie is a very “kissy” boy which I never really allow when I’m not posing for pix – as you can see by my face. hehehe

      We have more than enough pathogens in NYC at the moment without doggie germs.

      all the best and thx for reading.

  4. Yeah, gay pride month won’t be very eventful this year. I must say, gay pride parades are some of the best parades I’ve ever attended…so many fun sights and sounds mixed with many poignant moments.

    I’ve enjoyed all of the Reader’s dogs (and cats). We have two dogs, and they really do help with the lockdown.

    Hopefully this won’t be the last Reader post. 🙁

  5. Delightful read. And dog. I hear NY is leveling off and declining a bit, so, great! Maybe this thing is going to be fully under control and NY and the world can go back to normal stories about normal things. In the mean time, be careful out there.

  6. The East Coast headquarters of Google! How long has this been going on? Some of us remember the Port Authority as where you went to take a bus to anywhere beyond N’Yawk.

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