21 thoughts on “Here’s the copperhead!

  1. Double wow: I thought I’d found it, but somehow only saw the caudal half and couldn’t see the head (although my wife was able to trace the whole thing).

    And can’t resist, although not sure if I’m pasting this properly by Da Roolz:

    <a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvaEJzoaYZkLinkText

  2. I feel like this is not traced correctly (being very familiar with these snakes). I think the snake’s head is in the middle of the trace and the upper half is just leaves and other debris.

  3. This one I’d rate as difficult. Even after the ‘reveal’, going back to the original I find it difficult to see. Perfect camouflage.

      1. I’m not sure I agree. All I saw initially was the lower half, but I still can’t see a head there, while my wife traced the serpentine shape up to what looks like a typical viper’s head. True, much of the upper surface is leaves and debris (in a serpentine shape), but might the snake have burrowed underneath for camouflage? Would be nice to hear from the person who saw it and took the image. Meanwhile, I vote for your initial, larger outline, despite my first impression.

        1. As a snake expert I can assure you the snake is only in the bottom half. If you can’t make out the head, there are a couple of other signs. One is the way the neck is coiled into a tight S configuration vs the looser winding of the body. Another is by counting the bands on the snake – at least 14 are visible so there is no way the snake spans that entire trace from the original.

    1. As my father used to say when I overlooked something right in front of me, “If it had been a snake, it would have bitten you.”

  4. Makes me so relieved there are no snakes in NZ, since I like walking in the bush and usually don’t bother with shoes.

    (I don’t dislike snakes, I wouldn’t mind a pet python, but that picture of the invisible copperhead would haunt me if I were walking in, say, the US or Oz).


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