Spot the copperhead snake!

April 26, 2020 • 8:00 am

Here’s a tweet that Matthew found; the tweeter, Brutum Fulmen, asks you to spot the copperhead snake (Agkistrodon contortrix). This is one of America’s venomous snake.

I’ll put the picture from @BrutumF’s tweet below the original tweet.

Can you spot it? I rate this one “pretty hard”. Answer at 11 a.m. Chicago time.

40 thoughts on “Spot the copperhead snake!

  1. That WAS hard. One of these got me in the leg when I was a boy. Hurt like crazy – like a nasty bee sting.

  2. Found in around a minute or less with the picture enlarged and looking for the smooth edge of the body. And then took me another ten seconds or so to find it again in the ‘small’ picture.

    I think it helps if you can ‘prime’ your visual search with an idea of a size, or shape, or edge. Although if your expectations are mistaken the search will take rather longer.

  3. Sure to my wife who grew up in North Carolina. she thinks she can see the head to the bottom right but the coloring doesn’t look like a copperhead. She would really like to know the answer: is it going to be posted anytime today?

      1. I appreciate you getting back to me but we just found it. Let me know if you’ve published any recent articles. Behe is just about knocked out – you can tell he is almost too tired to keep up the pretense.

    1. arrrgh…forgive me…it’s like an itch….”venomously hard”. Mushrooms are poisonous, snakes are venomous.

  4. That’s some beautiful cryptic patterning. If the pattern of the body crossing a leaf hadn’t jarred my sense of how leaves should be I think it would have taken ages to find.

  5. Wow, good one. Very (which means I’m not being sarcastic) hard. I see the body but still can’t tell which end is head or tail.

  6. I opened the image in a new full-screen tab, then enlarged it (Ctrl +) several times until I see what I think is its head, in the center of the upper-left quadrant, and just to the right of vegetation.

  7. Venom from copperheads is not deadly, and when people die from copperhead snake bites it is due to an allergic reaction. People who are weak or either very old or very young may experience a significant impact on their body functions from a copperhead snake bite. Pain lasts 10 days.

  8. Did not see that, we thought two different spots. Its It’s amazing when you are tol where it is, your eyes adjust to it immediately.

  9. I spotted it, but then again I’ve been bitten by one and it’s really a painful experience to say the least..

  10. There’s a non venomous snake also at the top and little to the left,that’s probably what he’s after.

  11. The ankle nipper is properly outlined with the head at the top. Look closely and you will see that the uptilted head is a darker bronze color than the rest of the body.

    It was easy for me because despite bad vision I have spent my entire life looking for snakes and the copperhead “search pattern” is now hardwired into my brain!

    I have often pointed out copperheads lying in plain sight to my non herper friends. They couldn’t see them until I poked them and they moved.

  12. 😥 They are out and about in Texas … as well as all snakes now!

    A excellent post!!! As often we come on them alittle too late.
    Snake season is here, last week had a coral, 2 rat snakes in the yard plus a water moccasin in the pool!!!🤯

  13. I do believe that it is more than one in the pictures. Look at the green leaves on both sides of picture

  14. He’s in the middle of the page almost halfway up from the bottom of the picture. Very hard to spot and also very scary!!

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