Sanders endorses Biden, Obama to do so today

April 14, 2020 • 10:15 am

The way I figure it, this election is now Biden’s to lose. The latest news comes from CNN (below; click on screenshot):

Yesterday we had this:

An excerpt from the NYT piece:

Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the Democratic nominee for president on Monday, adding the weight of his left-wing support to Mr. Biden’s candidacy and taking a major step toward bringing unity to the party’s effort to unseat President Trump in November.

The decision by Mr. Sanders to back his former rival is an unmistakable signal to his supporters — who are known for their intense loyalty — that they should do so as well, at a moment when Mr. Biden still faces deep skepticism from many younger progressive voters.

In a surprise joint appearance over live-streamed video, the two men revealed a rapprochement forged amid extraordinary circumstances just five days after Mr. Sanders withdrew, a sign of how profoundly the coronavirus pandemic has changed the race. The uncertainty caused by the virus, the vast damage to the American economy and the fervent desire to deprive Mr. Trump of a second term prompted an earlier-than-expected alliance between two ideological rivals, aimed at bringing together disparate factions of the party.

“We need you in the White House,” Mr. Sanders said to Mr. Biden. “And I will do all that I can to see that that happens.”

Mr. Biden said: “I’m going to need you. Not just to win the campaign, but to govern.”

Now I’m not sure what Joe means by the last sentence, but one thing’s for sure: things will be better off if he wins than if the Big Baby wins. I’m not a huge fan of Biden, as you know, but I’m sure he’ll appoint better people to run the country then the current “President” did. And of course there are the courts: if you think Biden and Trump aren’t that different, think about whom the President will appoint to the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

The next step is for Joe to appoint as his vice-presidential candidate someone who’s good, someone who’s savvy enough to run the country after Biden’s first term.

107 thoughts on “Sanders endorses Biden, Obama to do so today

  1. It is refreshing to see some signs of Democratic unity, and I’m thinking that promoting it is why Biden made the last comment mentioned. I think he wants to send the message to Warren/Sanders supporters that their policy agenda will be taken into consideration. To his credit, Biden didn’t pressure Sanders to withdraw, and apparently the endorsement arose out of extended, and evidently cordial, negotiations. All of this is good. Then there was Trump’s meltdown yesterday afternoon – truly scary, and more fuel for Daniel Drezner’s case that he’s the “Toddler in Chief.”

  2. A great relief to me.

    I am confident that, if elected, Biden will surround himself with well-meaning (non-mercenary) people with expertise in their area of responsibility, and a good work ethic (and real ethics throughout).

    And I am confident that Biden would represent us on the world stage that would restore our alliances, etc.

      1. Maybe if they’d chosen any other human being on the face of the earth as their candidate they might have a leg to stand on….but they didn’t. They chose Trump. They made their deal with the devil. They knew they wouldn’t be able to occupy the moral high ground credibly on any issue for the foreseeable future.

        It’s one of the things that most frustrates them about the last three years, because they normally love wagging their fingers about liberal immorality.

  3. Dems were apoplectic that Sanders took this long to finally endorse even though he was always going to.

    Meanwhile Liz Warren still hasn’t endorsed anybody and it really just looks like she was holding out to negotiate an administration gig and ending up waiting too long for it to matter.

  4. Hopefully, Sanders can drag his followers along with him, though I expect some to whine about him “selling out.” With regard to the courts, the biggest problem I foresee is the Republicans keeping the Senate with McConnell in charge. While he’s been racing headlong to confirm unqualified and/or ultra-conservative judges (his motto is “leave no vacancy behind”), if a Democratic president is nominating them you can expect delay and foot-dragging. And if a SC opening comes up a year or so into a Biden presidency, expect to see the Merrick Garland scenario played out for 3 years.

  5. The devious and dangerous demagogue must be defeated. Did you see the knucklehead at yesterday’s coronavirus task force presser? Perhaps his most embarrassing performance to date, asserting that “when someone is president of the United States their authority is total.” Whatever became of small-government, strict-constitutional constructionist conservatism?

    I think the results announced yesterday from last Tuesday’s Wisconsin election — in which the Trump-endorsed reactionary sitting state supreme court justice was unexpectedly defeated, despite the Republicans’ having forced Democratic voters to wait on line at at a vastly reduced number the polling places in the middle of a pandemic — bodes ill for Trump’s chances in the Fall, certainly in WI, but across the three crucial rust-belt swing states he won last time by a combined vote of fewer than 78,000 ballots. I’d be astounded if he can pull off that hat trick again.

    1. I saw that WI election result. I agree, it does not bode well for the cheeto. Encouraging. I think it is significant that despite the deliberate attempts to harm the health of both democracy and Democrats, the Republicans couldn’t pull off their anti-democratic election shenanigans.

      1. The cheeto. I like that one, the toddler cheeto. Biden will win this event, there is no longer any doubt.

        1. I have taken to calling him president Coronavirus von Tinyhands everywhere I can, in the hope that it might stick.

    2. “bode ill” (Lack of agreement in number is what I get for putting so many words between subject and verb.)

    3. Trump endorsed Judge Kelly who received 693,000 votes while Donald Trump only pulled in 617,000 – and he STILL LOST to Karofsky’s 856,000 votes!

      1. Tells me Wisconsin Dems are fired up and ready to go. (Surely, they needn’t have risked showing up merely for the formality of voting in the Democratic presidential primary, since the nominee was already a foregone conclusion.)

        Pretty sure turnout there in November will exceed 2016 numbers (notwithstanding whatever fuckery Wisconsin Republicans try to pull at the polls).

  6. Biden better choose his VP very carefully.

    Because polling is showing young people do not like him enough to show up in numbers at the polls.

    Plus, he already trails Trump in polling, and people are getting concerned his decline in speaking ability is evidence of something organic going on.

      1. There was just a poll 2 days ago where Biden was down 2 points to Trump.

        Weirdly, the poll included Sanders, who beat Trump by two points.

        1. What poll, where? Every poll on 538, in the link above, some posted today, shows Biden ahead most by a comfortable margin.

          1. His “comfortable margin” is 1/2 of Hillary’s lead at the equivalent time. Not so comfortable.

    1. Young people never “show up in numbers” at the polls.

      Hell, I’ve known that ever since I was part of the vaunted “youth vote” (the 10 million newly minted voters) that was supposed to make all the difference in the 1972 election, the first held after the 26th amendment lowered the national voting age to 18. Poor George McGovern got his clock cleaned in 49 of 50 states (including among the pitiful few of my coevals who showed up at the polls, despite McGovern’s having been the anti-war candidate).

      1. A 79-year-old running on the bottom half of the ticket with a candidate who’ll be two weeks shy of 78 on election day?

        Now THAT would be the alter kocker ticket to end all alter kocker tickets. 🙂

        1. I’m surprised AOC’s name is not bandied about. She would get a LOT of support from the younger demographic. I don’t like her take on Israel, but do like pretty much everything else.

            1. Yeah, she won’t be constitutionally age-eligible until just a couple weeks before the 2024 election. Her congressional seat will be up for reelection twice before that.

        1. I like watching “The Hill” on Youtube. They have a strong progressive tilt, and are tuned into the younger generation’s media content.

          And, right now, younger media people are coming out of the woodwork expressing not just dissatisfaction with Biden, but stating they won’t vote for him.

          Which is pretty shocking and troubling to me.

          1. It’s 2016 all over again, in the minds of the Woke America had to be ‘punished’ for the failure of the Democrats to choose the ‘revealed saviour’ (e.g. Bernie Sanders.).

            That’s why Trump got elected.

            1. I do not think that is true. Progressives did a very good job of voting for Hillary, who got several more million votes than Trump.

              2016 was a much more complex story than the ridiculous “Bernie Broz lost it for us.

              And if people do not understand the justified anger of the progressive left toward the DNC, and just how bad a Biden nomination is for the majority of our nation’s left-leaning future, then people are not listening to the most important constituency of the Democratic Party’s future.

              I am talking about three decades worth of young Americans watching the Democratic Establishment crush their hope. That is NOT a recipe for success.

              Biden should not have the nomination. It should have been someone young to the *left* of Sanders. The DNC are dinosaurs, and Biden is likely to be their asteroid.

              1. “Biden should not have the nomination”

                This sort of delusion is why progressives don’t win. They can’t figure out who their allies are.

                Voters disagreed with you. Get over it.

                (For the record, I voted for Sanders last week in Wisconsin.)

  7. Appoints to the federal judiciary are obviously critical. I would like to see Biden nominate Merrick Garland. Perhaps as his first appointment, when Ruth Ginsburg retires.

      1. That is a potential problem. What if McConnell is still in charge? I think Dems will have to come up with something to force a vote. Perhaps they can threaten to change the Senate rules once they have a majority and declare McConnell a non-citizen and a foreign agent.

        1. LOL.

          There is a whole lot of assuming going on here. Biden’s chances of winning this thing are low, let alone any kind of Senate sweep.

          You really think the DNC can continue to fracture the left, essentially disenfranchise the young, and win?

          1. Let’s face it. There are a lot of reasons Hillary is not president now. The biggest one, I think, is that the economy for the working poor was sagging. They wanted a savior and thought tRump was it. It was a huge mistake, but one that can be rectified.

    1. Merrick Garland will be 68 by the time of the next presidential inauguration, awfully old for a SCOTUS nominee these days. (Garland was already old by modern standards when Obama nominated him in 2016. Naming an older moderate was Obama’s effort to find someone readily confirmable — an extended hand that McConnell and the Republicans haughtily slapped away.)

      Recent presidents look for SCOTUS nominees in their 40s or early 50s, so that they can serve on the high-court bench for decades, probably the most perduring part of a president’s legacy.

      1. I’m sure you are right about the age issue. I just thought it would be fun to see him make it after the GOP refusal. The GOP’s “spirited” approach to these things is disgusting and very damaging to our democracy. At this point, the Dems will have no choice but to retaliate in kind when given the chance. This will lead to deadlock and an inability of the government to function. Yet the problems that have to be dealt with mount, with no end in sight.

        1. Oh, it would be sweet to see the Dems force Merrick Garland down Mitch McConnell’s throat. The only thing that would be sweeter would be to see Amy McGrath unseat McConnell for his KY senate seat in November.

          I think we may have reached such a partisan point as to where no SCOTUS nominee can be confirmed unless the US senate and presidency are in the hands of the same political party.

          1. I want the next Dem Pres (who I fervently hope will be Biden) to appoint SCOTUS justices who are no older than 55.

            We need to stack the deck somehow after McConnell.

          2. It’s not worth it to push through Garland just to spite McConnell. Garland was chosen as a “dare Republicans to reject one of their own” candidate and Republicans did dare. There’s a lesson in there, and it’s the same lesson Dems repeatedly fail to learn: Making concessions pre-emptively gets you nothing. Go down fighting for someone worth fighting for at the very least.

  8. I hope for the sake of the world’s future that Biden wins. I think it’s highly unlikely though as Trump will drag the media along with him, making Biden all but invisible.

    Pity Oprah didn’t run — she’s about the only other person capable of matching trump for grabbing the spotlight. In fact, I think the only person really capable of up-staging Trump is someone who is now sadly deceased — Frank Drebbin of Police Squad.

      1. Leslie Nielsen would make for a more serious candidate than a reality-teevee, tabloid schlump like Trump.

        And don’t call Yakaru “Shirley.”

        1. I was confident someone would step up to wallop that ball out of the park.

          As for Leslie Nielsen being a better candidate, yes, but then I’m with Sam Harris on this – you could name any US citizen at random and they would make a better leader than Trump. Kim Kardashian. Robert Caro. Fudney Pitstop. Sammi Karamaramalam. They’d all be better…and I made the last two up. You guys just happened to elect the single worst human being on earth in 2016. Anyone would be an improvement.

        2. Leslie Nielsen actually played a presidential candidate in “Wrong Is Right” (1982), a patchy but sometimes prescient political satire starring Sean Connery as an investigative reporter.

      2. No I mean Frank Drebbin. In character. Not the character from Airplane — that wouldn’t work. Be honest — a debate between Trump and Drebbin would be worth watching. And he would be capable of shooting someone on 5th Avenue and hitting them, which I doubt Trump would be capable of doing, to be honest. He might also set the ambulance on fire and accidentally back his car over a few more people, but at least some sanity would return to American politics.

        Elizabeth Warren would be an excellent long suffering VP, capable of cleaning up the mess.

        1. I know, I had all the Police Squad episodes given to me on VHS when I was a kid by a friend of the family with good taste. It’s just the Shirley/surely joke originated in Airplane I believe, so my reply wouldn’t have worked as well if I’d referenced Frank Drebben and Naked Gun/Police Squad.

          I’m prepared to mangle the facts beyond recognition for the sake of a cheap gag.

  9. ” …think about whom the President will appoint to the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.” Refusal to think about this subject is the defining characteristic
    of bitter-ender Left ideologues, from the “Progresives” of 1948 through Nader (2000) to Jill Stein & Co. Senator Sanders’ decision to endorse Biden this early might reflect a certain awareness on his part of this trait among some of his own troops.

  10. Yes Biden would make better SCOTUS appointments than Trump if he wins but he wont win so Biden’s nomination means more Trump SCOTUS judges.

    I will never stop shaking my head in disbelief at people who think Biden has even a little bit of a chance against Trump. Trump destroys Biden in a landslide. I will happily bet another $1k with anyone who wants this action.

    I would rather have lost my first bet on Trump becoming president but unfortunately the democrats helped me win that cash. I have once again bet on the Democrats to blow it and Trump to become president and once again I hope to lose that cash but I will not. The cash will once again be a consolation prize.

    This one won’t be as big a payout though because Trump is the favourite this time. I almost never bet favourites but this one is a lock. Biden is a much worse candidate than Hilary Clinton. So much worse.

    1. Why not bet a more realistic number, like $100? Is it because you know no-one’s going to take you up on a %1000 bet, even if they think Biden will win?

        1. Me? No. I don’t have the money for betting on stuff like that. Things are tight.

          My point was more that it’s a less impressive offer when you know no-one’s going to take it up.
          …Now if you’re prepared to offer $100 on Biden winning to others beside myself that would be a bit less underwhelming. I believe PCC was accepting bets, although he may not be anymore. You might want to try him.

          Me personally, I think Trump is going to lose in November, for a variety of reasons. But I would never prance around saying it was a certainty.

          1. I’m not sure why you think no one would take me up on the $1k bet? I am still hoping someone does but you will be pleased to see that I am extending the $100 option to anyone who wants it and indeed Ken Kukec has taken me up on it.

            And BTW I didn’t say it was a certainty, I’m a proper Bayesian I assure you. I’m not certain, just confident enough in my prediction to put money on it. But I was prancing around, how the hell did you know that? You got a camera in my house or something?

    2. Upon what data are you basing your emphatic prediction? Certainly not polling. Real polling: The primaries.

      People are doing their utmost to vote against Trump.

      Biden won every county in MI. Biden got nearly as many votes as Trump did in the WI primary (and that’s against Sanders, who got better than 50% of what Biden got and some other votes for various dems.) despite the attempted GOP voter suppression.

      I am not certain (certainly not nearly as certain as you appear to be) but the Dems seem much more fired up about this than the GOPers.

      I heard many (many) “life-long republican voters” call in to my local NPR station and say, “I hate Trump. Give me a Dem I can vote for. [Biden is one I can vote for.]*”

      And after 2016, I find it hard to believe there are enough Sanders supporters who are nihilistic enough to vote against Biden or sit it out.

      (* They only ruled out Warren and Sanders, and this was also very consistent.)

      1. When I bet on Trump to win in 2016 the polling said Hillary was practically a lock. I actually hope the polls move more in Joe’s favour so I can bet on Trump again at better odds.

        I want Trump to lose as badly as you do. That’s why I am livid that the Dems have blown it by making Biden their nominee, essentially making exactly the same mistake they made in 2016, except Biden is a much worse candidate and a much worse debater than Hillary.

        I honestly hope my prediction is wrong and I honestly hope I lose this bet. But I am willing to put money on my prediction and indeed I have.

        1. So… you *hate* Trump, but you are a confident you’ll make money by betting on ‘a sure thing’ when he wins.

          And not even with the disclaimer that you’d donate the winnings to some worthy charity.
          How very trumpion of you.

          1. No I don’t “hate” Trump. I just don’t want him to be president. Hating Trump just makes him more powerful in case you hadn’t noticed. Hating never solved anything in case you hadn’t noticed.

    3. Christ, I guess at least a pessimist is never disappointed (even should he end up a grand the poorer).

      What do you mean by “Trump destroys Biden in a landslide”? If you’re saying that Trump will win over 50% of the popular vote, I’ll cover that $1k bet right now. (Only a fool would bet good green money one way or the other on the electoral college outcome this far out from election day.)

      1. On the other hand, if you’re intent on the electoral college, and since you think “Biden is a much worse candidate than Hilary Clinton,” I’ll cover the $1k that Trump will not exceed his 2016 306-electoral-vote total in the 2020 election.

        We on?

        1. I’m only offering 1 bet here. Trump beats Biden. Trump is the current favourite with the bookies but I am only offering even odds.

          I wish I could bet that Bernie beats Trump in both 2016 and in 2020 but the damn Dems won’t give me the opportunity to make that bet.

          So it’s this bet. Trump beats Biden. Straight up. Even odds. We on?

          1. BTW I am not a pessimist. I am an optimist that after Trump beats the Dem establishment a second time the Dems will finally learn their lesson and stop nominating corrupted candidates from the establishment and America will finally get civilized healthcare and education and UBI and a living wage etc.

            1. Consider it a wager placed right here in writing and witnessed by all the WEITers. This is my real name and I am good for it. I take betting ethics very seriously. I will trust that you are also good for it. I think you are a regular here if I am not mistaken.

              SST has not taken the bet so I’m glad you stepped up. Good luck with all sincerity.

              1. I will be so happy if I have to pay you $100 in November. I am hoping to pay you $100 in November. I am hoping you will not be paying me $100 in November. But I will take it if Trump wins. Small consolation but I’ll take it.

              2. This is my real name and I am good for it. I take betting ethics very seriously. I will trust that you are also good for it.

                And I, you.

                I look forward to our both being happy, only me doubly so. 🙂

  11. I listened to Obama’s endorsement. It’s nice to hear someone in politics that can put things in perspective. Of course he spoke plainly about the need to have a competent president during a crisis.

    1. “Biden doesn’t have a shot.”

      I congenially acknowledge that you have been vouchsafed this revelation from the Author of the Universe.

      Anything must be so if someone simply and solely thinks or says it.

      Just congenially curious, how old do you say the Earth/Universe is, and on what basis?

      1. Hi! Thanks for responding,. Look. I have no crystal ball. I have no DeLorean. I have not gone into the Future to Nov. 7 to see the results. This is strictly my opinion. That’s it. I, like many others look at “hairy legs’ Biden and just think there is something off about him. I’m not a doctor, but there is something about him that looks like dementia. It’s one thing to mess up your words every now and then, but he misspeaks every time he talks. I think many people are very aware of this. People have seen how he has flip-flopped on many positions to succumb to the Democratic party, Personally, I also just think he’s clueless. The pandemic has done nothing to help his cause. Oh sure, he’s been trying to do interviews from home, but it’s not the same. Also please keep in mind that it rarely happens than an incumbent loses. Aside from the pandemic, the country was doing very well under Trump, in spite of the fact that you don’t want to and can’t admit it. Unemployment was low and people had more money in their pockets. People will believe that much more than Biden. And who knows what happens at the convention — will he even still be the nominee?

        1. Not only do you have no crystal ball, you have no logical case. And what does it even mean to “succumb to the Democratic Party”?

          Your hat suits you well.

          1. Ok, could you please post a video of the one liberal pundit (or politician who has condemned they whole attitude of the left – from riots after Trump was elected, to conservatives getting beat up or shot like Scalise, to getting kicked out of restaurants, to the allegations against Cavanaugh? I could go on and on, and you what, you can’t. why not because the democrats fall in line.

        2. I apologize to PCC(E) for the length.

          “This is strictly my opinion. That’s it.”

          I take it that it is your view that one need never be burdened with supporting ones opinions. I take the opposite view, but perhaps I’m in a minority.

          ‘“hairy legs’ Biden . . . .”

          I take it that that is another beneficent Trumpism.

          “People have seen how he has flip-flopped on many positions to succumb to the Democratic party . . . .”

          I take it that Trump is the apotheosis of clear, consistent communication and staying the course.

          (“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.” – Emerson)

          Personally, I also just think he’s clueless.”

          No doubt, as compared with the humble, thoughtful, empirical, intellectually-curious, responsibility-taking Trump and his sycophants.

          “The pandemic has done nothing to help his cause.”

          Of what politician can this not be said?

          “Also please keep in mind that it rarely happens than an incumbent loses.”

          Have always understood that. It’s no reason for one to gather ones political tents and slip into the darkness.

          “Aside from the pandemic, the country was doing very well under Trump, in spite of the fact that you don’t want to and can’t admit it.”

          Everyone was doing very well? I have absolutely no problem with “admitting” that about the top 1%. (Re: Trump’s tax breaks for the rich.) One can reasonably-enough say that some not insignificant fraction of the middle class were doing “well.”

          BTW, do you find it unconscionable that a large corporation (Amazon, 2018, and GE, 2010, IIRC) can get by with paying $0 federal income tax, but the serf cleaning the executive washroom toilets has to so pay?

          (“Three men own as much as the bottom half of Americans.”

          (The world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the planet’s population.”

          “Unemployment was low and people had more money in their pockets. People will believe that much more than Biden.”

          Do you give credence to Bill Clinton’s statement, “It’s the economy, stupid!”? I think Trump does very much. I’m not sure how much blame to apportion to Trump for the effect of the pandemic on the economy (not to mention human life), but that it happened on his watch will be more than enough for, and the only concern of, more than a few voters.

          Wasn’t it fortunate for histrionic “birther” Trump that he inherited a thriving economy from Obama?

          1. lol, you know what’s funny? the hypocrisy of your own comment as soon as you say burden of other opinions. I love how liberals like you say people who disagree with them just spew out talking points while doing the same thing.

            1. ” . . . the hypocrisy of your own comment as soon as you say burden of other opinions . . . .”

              Why don’t you answer my previously-posed question: How old do you say the Earth/Universe is, and on what basis? Do you say it is less than 10,000 years old, or not?

              I say it’s older, and reference, for starters, the evidence provided by the existence of the residual cosmic background radiation discovered – IIRC off the top of my head – by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson in the mid-1960’s, for which they won the Nobel prize. I don’t say so simply and solely because it happenstancely pops into my mind, or because I claim to have a revelation or opinion to that effect.

    2. Good news is… Biden *listens* to smart people; Trump thinks *he’s* the smart one. On everything, even dispensing medical advice.

      I’ll pass on MAGA = Make America Gag Again.

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