Former Evergreen State police chief files tort claim against the college

July 20, 2018 • 12:30 pm

According to The Olympian, the newspaper of the town where The Evergreen State College resides (TESC), the College is once more facing legal action for the Control Leftism of its students—the unhinged behavior that let the students run amok with baseball bats, prevent the University President from urinating without permission, and that ultimately led to the resignation (with a $500,000 payout) to biology professors Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein.

Now the former chief of police of TESC, who faced a lot of undeserved opprobrium during her tenure, has filed a tort claim against the school. As far as I know, the assertions made about the shameful treatment of Chief Stacy Brown, a woman, are true:

Stacy Brown was Evergreen’s police chief for the 2016-17 school year, when allegations of racism and intolerance on campus erupted into protests and pulled Evergreen into a national debate over free speech on college campuses.

Brown, a target of student protests, left last August to become a Tumwater police officer. She filed a tort claim — a prerequisite to a lawsuit against a state agency — at the end of May alleging college administrators failed to protect her from gender-based discrimination and a hostile work environment.

Brown is seeking $625,000 in damages. Her attorney, Christopher J. Coker, said he has talked with state officials about a possible settlement.

. . . According to the claim, Brown was subjected to “open hostility on an almost daily basis” from students, student employees, faculty and staff. Her tenure got off to a rocky start when protesters disrupted her swearing-in ceremony, blocking the podium and chanting “(expletive) cops!” according to the Cooper Point Journal, the student newspaper.

After that, a faculty member emailed her to say police “were basically fascists” and the disruption was to be expected, according to the claim. Another faculty member told Brown, who is white, that her wearing a uniform and carrying a firearm was meant to “prove she had more ‘privilege’” and intimidate the faculty member, who is not white, according to the claim.

. . . Later a drawing circulated on campus showed Brown in “suggestive clothing, a KKK type hood, and holding a geoduck that appears to be ejaculating,” according to the claim.

According to the claim, Brown told her supervisors about these and other issues but her concerns were ignored. Brown was told because she was a police officer “she should essentially expect to be treated differently and in a hostile manner by both TESC employees and students,” according to the claim.

Brown left a job as a deputy chief with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office to become chief at Evergreen. After she resigned, she took a job as a patrol officer with Tumwater Police Department and a pay cut of more than $15,000.

As far as I’m concerned, TESC has become a toxic waste dump of a college, a place where the students would rather have the policing done by other students wielding baseball bats than by well-meaning police officers. Chief Brown had no history of being racist, overly aggressive, or quick on the draw. By all accounts she was a serious, responsible, and caring police officer. And that was her crime: simply being the chief of police. We’re back in one bad aspect of the Sixties: accusing all police of being fascists and racists (back in my day, they were “pigs”).

For the University to tell her that she should expect to be treated in a hostile way is a severe indictment of TESC and its invertebrate President George Bridges. And for a faculty member to imply Brown was a fascist is beyond belief. But such is life at TESC. No parent who cared about their kids would want to send them to such a school.

Stacy Brown

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    1. Actually the best outcome would be if the school stopped with this nonsense and got back to educating. I know several olde tyme Evergreen grads and it was once a good school.

      1. Which is what they are doing, no? After the last round of cuts, gone is the experimental theater, other fluffy stuff while the sciences remained fully funded.

        1. I wouldn’t know, but if that’s the extent of what they’ve done, I don’t see that there is any change. Getting rid of fluff and supporting science is all very good but are the faculty and staff responsible for the nonsense still there? If so, have they repudiated the policies that engendered it? If not are they still in place? Does the school now inform their students that they won’t tolerate the intolerance that drove out Officer Brown, Dr. Weinstein, and his wife (name escapes me)?

          1. As I read the comment, they got rid of the fluff but did not alter the funding for sciences. That’s a pretty freaking low bar to set for a university that’s in this sort of shape.

        2. As far as I’m aware, all the professors (including the ringleader) who encouraged, helped, and cheered on the students who were going around intimidating and physically assaulting faculty and students are still there and still yet to be reprimanded. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Invertebrate is still President, too.

          It seems the cuts to which you’re referring are cuts made to programs due to the money TESC has lost and their enrollment figures plummeting. Are there any changes they have made to the culture, or regarding the faculty that had a hand in these events, or with regard to the leadership of the school that allowed all of this to happen?

      2. Youtuber Benjamin Boyce is an excellent resource regarding the Evergreen drama. He is strongly opposed to the craziness but has a bit of a Social Justicey bent himself, although not a Warrior.

  1. the newspaper of the town where The Evergreen State College resides (TESC),

    Let us not forget that it is also the WA state capitol. Being in the region, and interested in such matters, I’ve spoken with several law enforcement folks (at the school, in the city, and in the county) about the situation. Not all had glowing things to say about Brown and not all share such a dismal view of the college.

    1. Not all had glowing things to say about Brown….
      I don’t know anyone where this statement wouldn’t apply.

      1. The gist of it is that some officers have their own hostility to the students, and some of the students are certainly hostile to the officers. The interim police chief said it was no worse than at other schools, really. Some officers lament that they are the only state police force not allowed to carry long-guns, some students resent that they want to. There is a general problem with staffing officers in WA right now, Seattle’s down, Thurston County is down, Pierce county is down, it is not an easy region to police.

        More than that? Well, I wish the best for Officer Brown.

        1. Speaking of staffing I believe there are staffing problems in many places around the country now and getting worse. Policeman is not a very popular career field, like teaching and the pay is not especially good. In Kansas, where I live currently, there is a big shortage of prison guards at the state prison. The result has been unrest and problems at the prison which causes more to quit.

    2. That may be interesting, however, if you do not get more specific than that, you have said basically, nothing.

  2. I work in the environmental field, and have friends/coworkers who spent some time at Evergreen. These folks were verbally abused for being fascists and ultra-Right-wing. My coworkers are just slightly to the right of Sanders; they are all for socialized health care, education, housing, etc., all for universal basic income, all for severe government restrictions on corporations, all the rest of the Left’s platform. But because they disagreed with the Evergreen thought police on a few issues, they were immediately declared to be ultra-Right-wing conservatives and to not be worth treating as human beings.

    The college is a cesspool, no different from the Catholic “universities” on the far Right. That it has preserved its accreditation is an argument that our current accreditation process is irreparably broken.

      1. The shadier kind, where Creationists get their “degrees”. Can’t think of any names off the top of my head, but it’s a common criticism of many of the top Creation “researchers” that the universities they attended don’t deserve the name.

        1. You sure you’re not conflating Catholic universities with Protestant evangelical colleges? The latter are much more likely to teach “creation science.”

          The leading Catholic universities — Notre Dame, Georgetown, BC, Holly Cross, Xavier, the Loyolas, etc. — hardly qualify as “far right,” except for maybe when it comes to fullback power sweeps from the five-yard line and buzzer-beating fade-away jumpers from the corner of the three-point line.

          1. I possibly am. I sometimes confuse “Catholic” and “Christian”. I know the difference seems supremely important to folks within the religions, but as an outsider it’s always seemed like little more than squabbling over minutia, so for some reason my brain keeps treating the two terms as identical.

          2. You be referring to Baptist, conservative loons as opposed to Catlick, conservative loons. They are noticeably different in their styles of corrupting the innocent & Catlicks have the advantage of being less bothered by inconvenient truths, wacky 3-in-1 theology, evolution & of course their Adam & Eve is fuzzier [more sophisticated bullshit] than the Baptist one.

      1. In one case it was because she didn’t care enough about the environment. This person in question is working for a state environmental agency, was a biological resources monitor, and has always been heavily involved with biological conservation; saying she doesn’t care enough about the environment is beyond laughable. In another it was because the person believed that a woman wasn’t raped by the man she said raped her, after the evidence conclusively demonstrated that she could not possibly have been raped by that man (“How DARE you disbelieve the victim!”). There were similar cases.

        In general, it boils down to this: They didn’t toe the most hard-nosed party line available at the time, and the view among that community was (and is, it seems) that anyone who doesn’t completely agree is indistinguishable from the far-Right.

    1. Whatever the deficiencies of their syllabus in biology I have no reason to believe that students at Xtian universities see the less devout or atheist as any less human than themselves. They are far more likely to treat opponents with respect due to their Xtian upbringing than the confused Marxists at evergreen.

      1. Southern Baptists universities were among this nation’s staunchest supporters of Jim Crow, were the last to desegregate, and only recently came to permit interracial dating — so clearly they haven’t always had a problem seeing others as “less human than themselves.”

  3. Bridges really should be fired immediately. I’m shocked that the BoT, or whomever oversees his position, doesn’t clearly see what a horrid manager he is. Already $500K to the biology profs, and now maybe a similar amount to this cop. And on top of that, declining enrollment due to the “protests”, leading to a $6M revenue shortfall (google “evergreen enrollment”). All of this financial loss because he flat-out failed to steer his own boat.

  4. “holding a geoduck that appears to be ejaculating”…

    What are they putting in the dorm water at Evergreen???

    1. The John Birch Society did warn us years ago that putting a bit of fluoride in the water for the benefit of children’s dentition was a Commie plot to turn us all into rampaging leftists.

      1. That was back when “red” meant communist and McCarthy was teaching “better dead than red.” Today “red” means conservative, which is what the John Birch Society is.

        Now I’m reading here that “left” means something totally different from the ideology I’ve identified with my entire adult life.

        It’s puzzling how the meanings of some words can change, or even reverse, over time. Perhaps it’s because they were never clearly defined in the first place.

        1. Red is the colour of:

          – The US Republican party
          – Communism
          – The Canadian Liberal party
          – Left anarchism (well, one of the two)

          Those are 4 very different political viewpoints!

      2. If only that worked – then there might be a hope to get people to change their minds slightly! Presumably one uses alkali metal (cesium?) for the opposite effect. 😉

  5. At 27:55 you can see a recording of a student who was assaulted on campus, apparently just because of his identity. Needless to say if a person of color or any other protected group was attacked in this way then the perpetrator would be expelled immediately.

    I think of Evergreen as a visual representation of how poisonous and illiberal the progressive left has become.

    1. The actual “progressive left” in this tale is represented by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. They don’t seem “poisonous and illiberal” to me.

  6. Evergreenism is not limited to Evergreen in the NW. The University of Washington’s NPR station exhibits a uniformity akin to Fox News, although of a different hue. The station broadcasts no public talks which do not follow the Evergreenish party line, such as one it broadcast just last night.

    It was by a local white guilt huckster whose foundational axiom is that, in the 100,000 year history of the human species, it is only the white Europeans who have practised the sins of imperial conquest, slavery, discrimination against outsiders, and the more recent offenses of insensitive language and microaggression. Failure to recognize this revealed truth is another defect of white Europeans, a defect she has uncovered in her deep research in the field of her degree, which is “Whiteness Studies”.

    The defect can be treated—not cured, of course, but treated—by a course of self-flagellation in trainings and workshops supervised by specialists like the speaker. Unfortunately, systemic racism is so pervasive that many individuals do not receive these services at all. Indeed, she lamented, it is possible to get through grad school (in subjects like Astronomy or Zoology, presumably) without being required to receive such services.

    But perhaps, in time, more and more institutions will follow the example of a proposal at Evergreen that professor Brett Weinstein was rash enough to oppose, and make services of this kind mandatory for all. When that comes to pass, consultants in Whiteness Studies, like last night’s NPR speaker, will receive the fealty they expect.

  7. This story in particular demonstrates that Evergreen was toxic long long before the Weinstein bizness erupted.

  8. Although I do not contend they are the main cause of the present disaster being elected POTUS, I do think the Ctrl-left gives a lot of ammunition to the TrumpTrolls on social media.

  9. For the University to tell her that she should expect to be treated in a hostile way is a severe indictment of TESC . . . .”

    Police officers, teachers, nurses, other professionals are held – by the general public – to a higher standard than that to which the general public holds itself. Perhaps that is reasonable and appropriate. However, it is not a compliment to the general public that the general public feels it should not be held to a higher standard. Too many people, in a materialistic creature-comfort “fat, dumb, and happy,” “scratchin’-their-butt-and-pickin’-their-nose” (Geroge Carlin) way, are all too content to be mediocre in whatever domain of life.

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