Sunday Hili dialogue

July 1, 2018 • 6:30 am

by Grania

Good morning! Jerry tells me that it is the 182nd day of the year so halfway through the year at noon. In 1879 the first edition of The Watchtower was published, in 1903 the first Tour de France bicycle race started and in 1908 SOS was adopted as the international distress signal, although in the maritime world it has been replaced with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. In 1980  “O Canada” became the national anthem of Canada. In 1963 the US got zip codes, and in 1972 England had its first Gay Pride March.

JAC: We missed this yesterday, but reader Simon tells me that June 30, 1937, was the day that Britain adopted its emergency telephone number of 999 (it’s 911 in the US). Simon adds this: “I had not realized that the widely used international equivalent is 112 or that 112 on a cell phone in the US transfers to 911 (and to 999 in the UK) – which of course is only useful if you know the number in the first place!”

So wherever you are, you can dial 112.

Dublin Pride Parade Photo: Tom HonanGoogle doodle is honoring Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz today, a German polymath of the late 17th century who developed differential and integral calculus at the same time as Isaac Newton. Read more about him here.

Hili is speculating today. This may be an important new theory worthy of study.

Hili: The girls are getting better and better at soccer.
A: This is the effect of climate change.

In Polish:

Hili: Dziewczyny coraz lepiej grają w piłkę.
Ja: To efekt zmian klimatycznych.

Today Leon is grousing in paradise.

Leon: This pheasant is getting on my nerves!

From Twitter today:

I don’t think this was a teacher with her class based on the varying ages of the people around her and the domestic setting. It was nevertheless a long-awaited moment.”

Glowworms at night

A thread from Adam Rutherford on the birth of evolution.

Something that won’t surprise anybody, unfortunately.


More brave women of Iran defying the authoritarian regime there. Many have been arrested and assaulted for participating in these activities.

True story

Finally, the tale of a very smart duck.

Hat-tip: Charleen, Matthew.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Hili dialogue

  1. Showing off my computer nerdiness – the 1s and 0s in the Google Doodle honoring Leibniz today are the binary representation of the ASCII text of “Google”. Reading down the first column, then the second, the Hexadecimal is 47 6F 6F 67 6C 65. The last character being written is a 1. If it was a 0, the text would be “Googld.”

  2. Something that I learned on a first aid course: in the UK, many mobile networks will transfer ‘911’ calls to 999, to account for those who think that 911 will get you the “Feds”.

    1. And in Japan there are two numbers, neither of which is 112: 110 is the police emergency number, and 119 is the fire/ambulance emergency number.

    2. A little more on 999: the number was chosen when rotary dial phones were used, and 0 was for operator; and it requires rotating the dial almost all the way three times – so it’s easy to remember but hard to inadvertently misdial or for a child playing with the phone to inadvertently dial (or at least that’s the story I remember). 111 would have been too easy to inadvertently dial. I wonder how 911 was chosen.

    1. Iran was very cosmopolitan until the Shah was removed. Most people there are still like that. The culture has been very different from Saudi Arabia’s the whole time, and the laws are more lax.

  3. Wouldn’t the half way point be noon tomorrow, since we don’t have 182 full days until midnight tonight?

  4. Glow Worm, with it’s updated Mercer lyrics, is one of my absolute favorite songs.

    Glow little glow-worm, turn the key on,
    You are equipped with tail-light neon

  5. That “duck and cover” reminds me I just found out that our neighborhood has got a Northern goshawk [Accipiter gentilis again.

    Or at least that is the demise the nommed dove corpse in the street crossing looked like it experienced. It was years since last a goshawk lived here though.

  6. Good morning! Jerry tells me that it is the 182nd day of the year so halfway through the year at noon


    At the end of the day on July 1st there have been 182 days, multiplied by two, that is 364. In fact, today, July 2nd is exactly half way through the year.

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