Monday kitten

March 7, 2016 • 7:30 am

Among domestic animals, there’s nothing—nothing—cuter than a kitten at about 7 weeks of age. I brook no dissent here. Here’s a tw**t from Whiskas Ireland (sent, of course, by Grania) that makes me want to get a cat now. 

It’s a short video, so be sure to press the arrow.

8 thoughts on “Monday kitten

  1. I am now on cats five and six (or seven and eight if you count my parents’ cats while I lived with them). In the last 45 years, I have only been completely catless for a total of two and a half months*. In all that time, I have never had a kitten – that is, a kitten whose age is measured in weeks, not months, a kitten you can hold in one hand. The closest I got was Kveldulf, a stray who was about four and a half months when he wandered in. All of my others have been adopted as adults.

    In college, a friend had three cats – a male and two females. Being a starving student, he couldn’t afford to have all three fixed, so he took the cheapest route and got the male neutered and left the females intact. When he moved, the new residence came with a resident stray, a female who turned out to be pregnant. Of her litter, only one male kitten survived. Unfortunately, before he got around to having the kitten neutered, all three females (including the kitten’s mom) were knocked up. Eventually, he ended up with custody of five adult cats and twenty-two kittens. Fortunately, they all found homes. Unfortunately, I was still under the parental roof, and the cats we had were enough; I wasn’t allowed to adopt.

    1. *I now maintain a household census of two cats, typically of different ages, so that when I lose one (as inevitably happens), I’m not left completely catless. When my wife was alive, we had three, and we both agreed that humans + 1 was the appropriate feline population for the household. We figured that more than that put the cats more in the way of accessories rather than fur people. If we’d had kids, that might have upped the cat total as well.

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