Friday in Dobrzyn

September 26, 2015 • 9:00 am

As I was not well most of yesterday, there’s not much to show except food and animals: I didn’t even go for walkies. But here, for what it’s worth, are a few holiday snaps.

First, another cherry pie was made with Malgorzata’s scrumptious walnut crust. She is keeping her vow that I will not go pieless during a single day that I’m in Dobrzyn:



Paradise is not 72 black-eyed virgins, but rather a piece of homemade cherry pie on the couch, consumed in the company of The Princess:

Hili and Pie

Cyrus is omnipresent, especially at mealtimes. Although he is not allowed to consume human food, his giant snout insinuates its way under your arm or into your lap when you’re dining.


He has a capacious maw, much like that of of a baleen whale:

Cyrus yawning

Because Cyrus and I are rivals for Hili’s affection, when she’s on the couch with me I must keep her out of sight. For when Cyrus sees her, he comes over and LOOMS, and she jumps off the couch to follow him to the dog bed. Imagine the indignity of being rejected in favor of a d*g!! So when Hili’s with me, I place her in the corner of the couch beside me so that she’s not easily seen.  When I get up for coffee or a bathroom break, I make a “Hili Wall” to keep her invisible to Cyrus, whose head you can see peeking from under the table:

Hili Wall

A Cyrus-eye view of the Hili Wall. As you see, the cat cannot be seen. But if he knew what was going on, he’d surely say, “Professor Ceiling Cat, tear down that wall!”

Hili Wall, Cyrus eye view

Finally, a simple but tasty dinner: Polish beefsteak with garlic butter, potatoes, chopped salad (a hybrid between salad and cole slaw), all washed down with a glass of cold Zubr beer. More pie was consumed after dinner.


14 thoughts on “Friday in Dobrzyn

    1. I think I gave it last year but here is a slightly different one which I use now:

      150 gram flour
      150 gram ground walnuts (or hazelnut or almonds)
      200 butter or margarine
      100 gram caster sugar
      1 raw egg yolk

      Depending on what you are using it for, add vanilla sugar or cinnamon or almond oil.

      Work quick together all ingredients with your fingers and put into the refrigirator for half an hour before covering the baking tray.

      Bake in 180C

        1. Yes, we have a lot of walnut trees and a lot of hazenut bushes. But we do not have a cow so butter must be bought (:

  1. Yes, I do believe heaven has much more to do with cats and pie in the here-and-now than it does with a serial child rape spree in the dead-and-gone. Amazing that it should be so difficult for so many billions to figure that out….


  2. I would love the recipe for the walnut crust and cherry pie. I make lots of pie, but have never done walnut crust OR cherry pie. I’m sure I could Google the recipes, but would they be as good?

  3. “Imagine the indignity of being rejected in favor of a d*g!!”

    This is so charming, it makes me want to get out there and enjoy life.

    Delightful assortment of photos. And isn’t Jerry handsome!!

  4. “Imagine the indignity of being rejected in favor of a d*g!!”

    So funny! 😀

    I mean, uh, yes, what could possibly be worse?!

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