And the winner is. . .

September 20, 2015 • 11:45 am

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “photograph FvF in an incongruous place” competition; there were so many funny, clever and daring pictures to choose from. The summary post, with links to all the entries, is here.

The winner is Peter M. for his carefully constructed photo WMSSH (Wise men still seek Him). It’s the sort of stuff that would have had the Flemish Baroque Old Masters reaching for their paint brushes. Based on the cleverness and the labor involved (as well as the locale), the judges have declared Peter the WINNER. I ask him to contact me to receive his autographed book, which, as I’m leaving, won’t be sent for a month or so.

And there are two honorable mentions, which don’t get tangible prizes but still deserve a re-viewing and Professor Ceiling Cat’s special approbation:

John T.’s holiday picture reminds us all that atheism rejects suffering as a virtue; in fact, one should embrace the pleasurable moments of life (see my comments on Zorba in my earlier book post.)

And Tom C.’s original postcard from the edge—without which this competition would never have happened.

Thanks again to everyone who went to the trouble to take and send in photos. And there will be more contests in the future.

18 thoughts on “And the winner is. . .

  1. Congratulations. But how was the picture made? It seems pretty challenging to come into a church and set up a bunch of lab equipment.

    1. I don’t see a church. I see a pretty baroque piece of woodwork, possibly from the choir stalls of a church, with some bits of bling, and a very suspiciously utilitarian air vent.
      My guess would be, since image manipulation was disallowed, is some panelling which is in storage somewhere (during renovations, perhaps?), and a rapid setup of pre-selected props.

      1. Oh, it’s a real church all right, although it’s not functioning as such at the present. I get to rent it for my classical music recording projects.

        You have a sharp eye, recognizing my microscope! I got it years ago on eBay for $250.

        1. Whoa! you were stiffed. They were under £200 new. Unless you got it with the trinocular head.
          Mine got taken by the burglars. Along with my petrological microscope. Absolute insanity amongst the crack-heads.

    2. Oh, hang on – that microscope is one of the “Zenith” brand russian stereo microscopes – Gallilean 3-station turret rather than the unnecessary complications of a zoom lens.
      Damned good microscope for a very modest price. They’ve not been made (or imported to the UK) for far too long now.

  2. I had a decent idea but it never turned out. I was going to have my picture taken next to a stand of Jehova’s Witnesses literature. I brought my book into work on a couple occasions but every time I did the Jehova’s Witnesses were no shows. It’s strange because they are on the same corner almost 99% of the time.

    They must have been on to me somehow…

    I ended up lending my book to a colleague so some good came from my attempt.

  3. A great contest. I wish I had entered but I could not think of a particularly spectacular setting in my scope of access to ironic sites. Looking forward to the next contest. I may be able to compose myself to merit consideration.

  4. Fun contest & great choice for the grand prize!

    Though I’m always happy not to have to judge competitions like this myself–too many brilliant contestants!

  5. I too like the winner, but I must also mention Tom C. and the creative photo that started it all in the first place. Two favorites!

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