Faith vs Fact: more reader ninja portraits

August 19, 2015 • 2:00 pm

by Grania

We’ve received a bountiful supply of new entries for the Fact vs Faith in Strange Places contest. Jerry has extended the deadline from Aug. 20 to August 31, so you have eleven more days to get your entries in.  The winner gets a first-printing, hardbound edition of FvF, autographed and, if you like, with a cat drawn in it.  Here are the latest entries, and they’re great! This is going to be a tough one to judge.

Reader Mike Bendzela sent this in.

A Baldwin apple tree in Standish, Maine is pretty incongruous, no?
(Baldwin: triploid, self-infertile, biennial bearer.)
Then there’s the biblical reference…
P. S. I’m actually biting a Gravenstein, not a Baldwin, as Baldwin’s aren’t ready until October. I don’t know what Eve ate.

[Nobody knows, Genesis just refers to it as fruit פֶּ֫רִי and various translations and mis-translations appear to have been responsible for apple becoming synonymous with this story ~ Grania]

book tree 1

Charlie Jones send us this one saying:

My daughter was inspired to set up this photo. This is the expression I make when thinking.



Andrea Kurita sent us some gorgeous photos of a Buddhist temple along with this entry.

I do not intend to submit this photo to the contest because it’s not a selfie (really!). It’s a product of this afternoon’s jaunt to the Saifuku-ji (西福寺) Buddhist temple in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, which I thought would amuse you. I composed and shot it with my iPhone, so due to the angle the exposure is poor, alas — my hubby held up my iPad Mini, which came out sharp enough.  [Fear not, Jerry has deemed this Entry-worthy].


CJ went on a pilgrimage to the source of the book (Jerry’s lab complex).

One can look on my entry in 2 ways …

1) Waiting for a professor at the door of his office/lab to autograph his latest book, looking at a nonexistent watch, knowing school is not in session, and he’s on a book tour (actually on the day you returned from said tour) is incongruous. Also, none of your campus squirrels would come near me or your book, but then I had no noms to entice them.
2) I’m a contrarian and this is a complete disregard of the contest rules and I have no chance of winning anything.

Great door mat [JAC: This Mickey Mouse doormat was cut for me by the departmental administrator from leftover carpet that was installed in her office]


Tim Petersime undertook a foray into enemy territory.

I live about 3 miles from this ‘Exhibit’ (I refuse to call it a Museum). The saddest thing about this place is that when my son & I were there this morning to take the picture, we saw about half a dozen 6-10 years old pile out of a mini-van in the parking lot.


Finally, Peter N submitted his entry with a title WMSSH.

The title is an acronym for “Wise men still seek Him” — transubstantiation and all that!  My copy of FvF is
in fact open to page 83 where you mention that potty idea.




25 thoughts on “Faith vs Fact: more reader ninja portraits

  1. What the heck is that caution sign on Jerry’s door in which it looks as if someone’s getting his butt whacked with a baseball bat???

        1. I trust that do you do not have much problem with students unable to resist the temptation to stick their noses in (up?) their digitals devices while you are trying to impart numinous knowledge/wisdom.

  2. “Beatings do occur around the clock”!?!?

    Yikes! Bet that keeps students to a minimum. Or maybe it attracts them?

  3. The last one is very good. First thing I think he is doing a little Christian science. Maybe testing the wine/blood of something…

    1. Yes and top marks for managing to stage such a complicated set-up! (I’m assuming the microscope and laboratory glassware are Peter’s and not part of the usual altar furniture).

    1. My parents had some Iranian friends ( met in Iran during WWII – moved to L.A.) who were Xtian Scientists. The wife died probably unnecessarily of cancer, refusing treatment.

      1. Oy – their reach goes that far! As I’ve said here before, my mother, ca. 1925 – just after insulin became available (in Minnesota, anyway) – had a playmate who was presumably Type I diabetic and was wasting. She started getting insulin injections and began to improve but her sanctimonious parents decided that that contravened God and had them stopped. Predictably, she died.

        The actual comment above, tho was tongue-in-cheek. In Pittsburgh many of us refer to those in the somewhat snooty suburb of Mt Lebanon as Lebanese.

  4. I love all these photos, and would like to see a site set up – or a Facebook Page, so that the challenge can continue.

  5. The saddest thing about this place is that when my son & I were there this morning to take the picture, we saw about half a dozen 6-10 years old pile out of a mini-van in the parking lot.

    What was it that Francis Xavier was alleged to have said?: “Give me the child for his first seven years and I will give you the man” ?

    Got to indoctrinate them early. Wouldn’t want them to think or anything like that!

  6. “I live about 3 miles from this ‘Exhibit’ (I refuse to call it a Museum).”
    How about “Fun House?”

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