Sunday: Hili dialogue

July 5, 2015 • 6:38 am

I arrived in Idaho yesterday at 4:30 pm—after a grueling twelve-hour drive through northern Colorado and much of Utah. And indeed, Stephen Barnard’s place is paradise: backed by a gorgeous stream with views of the mountains, and teeming with wildlife. Today we’re going on a canoe trip, followed by a pig roast held by his fishing club.  I have played Frisbee with Deets the Border Collie (there’s another border collie here, too: an aging one); I have gone for a ride in the Shelby Cobra, an amazing car that accelerates fast and LOUD; and I saw four Great Horned Owls (two adults and their offspring), the first such species I’ve seen in the wild. I have photos, will take more, and will put them up soon, but the borders of this post are too small to contain them all. Tomorrow I’m off to Nevada (not far away) and then to Davis, California and the Bay area. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili shows three of her prime traits: her imperiousness, her desire for noms, and her cuteness, which lets her get away with the first two!

A: Hili, breakfast.
Hili: Fill the bowls. I’ll be there in a minute.

P1030037 (1)

In Polish:
Ja: Hili, śniadanie.
Hili: Napełnij miseczki, ja zaraz przyjdę.


13 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

    1. Agreed…each stop is one where I wish Jerry were spending a week or so rather than a mere day or two. I suppose that would make for a rather longer trip, though, of course….


  1. Great horned owls out in the world are a treat to see! Did you go hunting for it’s pellets?

  2. Hili in Chessie mode. (Either didn’t realize or totally forgot that you did a whole post on Chessie until looking for an image. Google images for chessie cat and that’s right after the Wikipedia entry.)

  3. I think we should arrange a WEIT road trip to Stephen’s. He could charge admission to ride in the Cobra and see the owls. 🙂

  4. “…three of her prime traits: her imperiousness, her desire for noms, and her cuteness,…”

    Heavy on the cute, here.

  5. So sounds like for the next road trip a rag top of some kind would enhance the experience. The Cobra is a bite rude for long trips, but a nice Aston would work fine. Just cash some of those Big Evolution Conspiracy cheques that all biologists get every month and go for it.

    My income from Big Pharma, Big Fluoride, and Big Mercury have certainly enhanced my recreational life!

  6. Davis, my undergraduate haunt! It’s changed a bit in 35 years. Be sure to check out the geese at Putah Creek.

    Expect heavy traffic between Davis and the Bay Area, and be patient.

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