22 thoughts on “The Great PCC Odyssey 3

    1. It is a British “Panel Game”. There are quite popular over there. In this one QI stands for quite interesting and the basis of the whole show is to talk about quite interesting things.

        1. that’s a pity, but you can youtube clips… one of the best is if you search for QI I before e… such a funny clip 🙂

  1. What’s with the weird outfits in the Stephen Fry video? LOVE Utah. We go hiking there every year. (love Stephen F, too)

  2. The professor had best lie low until he gets thru Utah. It is a fantastic place to drive thru depending on the path you take. Going west out of Salt Lake on the flats would not be a place to go if you can avoid it.

  3. The silly costumes might be Dickensian, for, ‘A Christmas Carol’.

    QI is indeed a largely unscripted ‘Panel Show’, and I absolutely love their irreverent take on all things deeply loved by modern Christian Conservatives.

  4. I should think it would be an enviable compliment if he manages to do as well as Stephen Fry in Utah!

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