Odyssey Interlude: a little slice of heaven

July 5, 2015 • 7:36 am

Here’s a panoramic photo I took at sunrise (I discovered that feature on my iPhone) of Stephen Barnard’s place, facing the back. Notice Deets in the center, with whom I played a vigorous game of Frisbee. He also tried to HERD me: when I tried to run, he’d circle in front of me and growl!

To see this place in all its glory, click on the photo (twice, with an interval between) to enlarge it.


23 thoughts on “Odyssey Interlude: a little slice of heaven

  1. Beautiful. This is so very different from the Boise side of the state. Last time I visited there the ground was parched. Nothing grew except with extensive irrigation from mountain reservoirs which were running low. This year, I hear, the drought is even worse.

  2. A border collie will herd everything, even visiting atheists. They can’t help it, it’s in their genes. Which is why I’m always a bit sad, when I see them as “town-d*gs”. These d*gs need a job and space to run.

  3. I think there is a joke in there somewhere, something about herding atheists and cats…

  4. “HERD me: when I tried to run, he’d circle in front of me and growl!”

    I always wonder about the subjective experience that nature provides to generate the useful behavior. Is the dog amused? angry? anxious?

  5. Poor Deets got oddly sliced by the panorama!

    Lovely stream. I have a stream down the back of my place but it is downhill and there are spiders on the way so I never go there in summer especially. I have second, deeper stream but it is even farther to get to & it is hard going through nettles & raspberries.

    I want to make a nice big, deep pond in the frong of my place. The neighbours have a nice one & it attracts spring peepers, toads, green frogs, leopard frongs & painted turtles. I’ve ushered along many a painted turtle (ok, I’ve intercepted them and taken their picture and patted them a bit) & leopard frog in my yard, I assume headed from that pond, down to my stream.

  6. Stephen – you or some in your fishing club might be interested in a somewhat obscure book – Herbert Hoover: The Fishing President (Hal Wert). HH’s only relaxation was fishing, and this book, by a history professor at the Kansas City Art Inst, covers nearly every fishing expediton he ever made, many of which were up in the Northwest. You’re virtually guaranteed to come away with a much different impression of the man than anything you had before.

  7. …a river runs through it.

    Nice to see all that green grass…ours is quickly turning brown here in WA. Hasn’t rained for weeks. June was actually the driest June on record. What would Inhofe say?

    1. Inhofe would probably point out that he just had to defrost his refrigerator, so no global warming, so there!

    1. My money is on his iPhone. Sometimes these panoramas get black zones (kind of signal loss, I suppose) at the top or bottom when you rotate the camera without being level enough.

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