Caturday felid trifecta: cat confessions, cat sculpture, and charging your cat (plus contest)

January 11, 2014 • 2:39 am

Lucky you—you get three goodies today from Poland.

First, here’s how to charge your cat.  Warning: be sure cat’s batteries are completely run down before you recharge. Illuminated indicator lights indicate fully charged battery:



This item on eBay is the first time I’ve seen a sculpture actually made by a cat, and if you have roughly fifty dollars that you don’t need, you may want to pick it up. It’s by Mike the Cat, and is called “Toilet Paper Descending.” You have six days to bid, and the price may skyrocket.

The item description includes the following:

“‘Toilet Paper Descending’ shows an expertise in the medium rarely seen in a cat of his age, five.” – Cornelius O’Toole, cat art critic

You will receive “Toilet Paper Descending” as pictured, inside a 9-3/4″ sq. x 9-3/4″ h display case, which is acid-free and archival quality. 

The clear display case will also keep the sculpture dust-free and will protect it from any “artists” in your household.


The artist, Mike the Cat:



And speaking of bad moggies, here are some “Cat confessions”  from imgur, reminiscent of China’s Cultural Revolution (there are many more, all hilarious, at the site).







Send in your own cat photo with a “confession” (note: it must be true). If there are at least ten entries, the winner gets an autographed book with their own cat drawn in it.

h/t: Barry, Gregory

24 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: cat confessions, cat sculpture, and charging your cat (plus contest)

  1. The charging cat looks like something from Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep where people have all sorts of mechanical animals that look like the actual animal (all the animals having gone extinct on Earth).

    1. I was thinking of a weird Korean movie I watched a couple of months ago.
      That’s “weird” on a scale of Korean-normal to Korean-weird, not on a scale of normal to weird.
      Found it : “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK”
      But yeah, “Androids dream” fits quite well too. And, from the Good Doctor, how about “Tony”?

  2. here’s how to charge your cat.

    Ha, that’s funny! I’m glad I’ve already finished my coffee.

    And here I thought it involved rubbing the cat together with Poles named Ebony…

  3. How do you know that the caption in the last story is true? That relationship could have been much more than a one night stand. Momma cat could have been sneaking out on a regular basis to meet with her paramour. He may have run off when he learned that she was pregnant. Or worse – been hit by a car. Why the assumption that momma cat was catting around?

    1. It would have to have been quite a long and eventful one night stand to result in a pregnancy. The penis of a cat is barbed (google the image if you want nightmares), and the scrapes it makes inside the female trigger ovulation. So the attempt of the first male thus doesn’t fertilize any eggs, and it is only a later copulation that does.

      1. Ugh I know! I’ve always felt so bad for the poor lady cats! No wonder they make such a ruckus when they mate!

  4. Don’t let Diana MacPherson buy it! She’d go crazy trying to figure out if the paper was up side up or up side down.

      1. Consider it is displayed towards the center of a room, as a great masterpiece by any cat should be. Suppose that you are looking from one of the other sides?

    1. Is this to do with a predilection with the orientation of toilet paper on the holder?
      If so, I’m definitely an under person.
      I was an over person until a fee years back when a guest changed out a roll and put it under and from then I was hooked.
      I changed my paper towel holder to be the same and have never looked back since.

      1. Oh good other people change the toilet paper at their friends’s houses too! I’m pleased this person’s vigilante behaviour changed your preference! 🙂

        1. Oooh. I don’t know if I could change it at someone else’s house. Sounds a bit too ‘strident’ for me. Heh heh.

          1. I would personally be delighted if anyone, including children, would actually replace the empty roll! As to the over vs. under debate… If the paper towels or toilet paper come from under, one can tear off with one hand. (check it out for yourself) Also, when the cat attacks the paper roll coming from under, she can’t get the whole roll to unravel. It will just roll round and round. However, if it comes from over, she can make off with the whole thing. Note: neither will stop said kitty from clawing off bits as pictured in the sculpture. I do hope this settles some vital questions.

  5. Baihu doesn’t need nor deserve shaming. For example, he’d never bring a dead lizard in the house; he’d simply eat it while it was still alive.



  6. Those pictures with the notes just made my day! I was helping my mother look for a win a car sweepstake when I came across your post. She had a dream that she won a car and now she is obsessed with entering contests. I am definitely going to have to send in some pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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