Saturday: Hili Dialogue

January 11, 2014 • 1:10 am

Hili speaks to a friend in America. By the way, be sure to check Hili’s Twi**er feed. The five latest entries  link to Tumblr dialogues that took place when Hili was an adorable kitten, which haven’t appeared on this site.

Jerry: Say something to Miranda.
Hili: Hili on the Skype but no diamonds.


In Polish:

Jerry: Powiedz coś do Mirandy…
Hili: Hili on the Skype but no Diamonds.

4 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili Dialogue

  1. I don’t think Hili would be too happy in a boat on a river…but the pomelo is a not-distant cousin of the tangerine, and we already know that M makes good marmalade. Hili likely answers quite slowly when called, and her fur, not her eyes, is kaleidoscope — or, at least, tabby, which is close enough.

    Yes, I do believe she’s got it pretty much nailed.


  2. Aww! I’m honored! (=^・ェ・^=) & I think that Hili may have started a new trend: feline adaptations of Beatles songs. The possibilities are endless (and endlessly silly, granted) 🙂

    Anyway, thanks Hili-Cat!

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