A cat

December 1, 2012 • 5:09 pm

Anybody with a cat and a piece of paper can do this. Try it at home and send me the results. There’s an autographed book for the winner IF the winner is really good. I reserve the right to determine that. Deadline: January 1, 2013.

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32 thoughts on “A cat

  1. Even easier with a piece of paper and a dab of Marmite.
    I’ll just have to get us a cat [exit stage left, clutching a sack…]

  2. Anybody with a cat and a piece of paper can do this.

    Inaccurate. Revised version: anybody with a cooperative cat and a piece of paper can try doing this.

  3. This effect works best if the cat’s lower face is white. My two moggies are tortoise-shell and solid black –but this just makes me extra-motovated to submit a picture!

    1. If the cat’s black then use black paper.
      Then white paint for sabre teeth. Or maybe big Cheshire smile.

  4. My cats are all eager to try this, but they want to know the rules. I’m supposed to ask about size of paper, use of color, and whether the art must be hand-drawn. Also whether you would like your car washed weekly until you choose a winner.

  5. Now Comrade Nikolai wants to know if we are allowed multiple entries, whether the paper held in front of the cat can only cover the lower face, or whether it could be larger? Does the paper even have to be paper, or could another material be used? Clearly we need a lot of guidance.

    1. One entry per person, paper should at least allow one to see part of the cat’s face, and another material can be used. The art needn’t be hand-drawn but if it is the chances of winning will be increased.

      No need to wash my car.

    1. Sorry for you loss. It is tough. We had trouble losing our cat and had to go out to the human society and get evil sibling kitties who now inappropriately run off with yarn skeins and maul toes. When your grieving is done, there will be someone waiting for you at the shelter.

      1. Many thanks. I’m sure we’ll further adopt some day. So far my teenage daughter hasn’t brought up the subject.

        I don’t think our domestic short-hair would have stayed still long enough for mugshot photography anyway.

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