9 thoughts on “My own autographed book

  1. After a few minutes of puzzling, it appears that your name does not lend itself well to feline punning. Ah, well, you can’t have everything. Is he poking fun at you as a well-known ailurophile? Or is it a nail-on-the-head coincidence?

  2. (I zone-out on a lot of the stuff about the politics of anti-religion in America ; not my country. So I needed reminding who Dan Barker is, courtesy of Google.)
    Barker’s biography is hosted at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which he has chaired or presided over for many years.
    After that hit and the inevitable Wikipedia article, the next thing to come up on Google is about him being “kicked off” FoxNews. Though that may be an American idiom for “got an idiot of a presenter wound up”, it didn’t seem terribly surprising to me. Given that it was on a comedy channel like Fox. (Yes, we do get them over here. They are comedians, aren’t they? I can’t stomach more than a couple of minutes of that sort of ridiculous parody at a time.)

  3. There is the adverb “doggedly”, which means with single-minded (or empty headed?) persistence, stubbornly undeterable, or something along those lines.

    What might “cattedly” mean if the word existed?

    Doing something with indifference, a studied lack of concern?

    To pursue a task with a palpable air of bored non-chalance that tells the world you really couldn’t care less about the details or results of your actions?

    Or perhaps it could mean pouncing upon an activity with lightening quick reflexes, a ruthless killer instinct, and an awe inspiring skillful agility?

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