11 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat in “Fetch”

    1. Love shown. Re-watched several of my favorites. (Have the books, too, to show to people who aren’t on the interwebs.) Gotta love a series that started with the annoyed cat taking a baseball bat upside the head of it’s unresponsive owner. Mine would resort to that. Which is why I don’t keep a baseball bat in the house…

  1. What, pure entertainment?

    No political overtones?
    No hidden messages?
    No agenda?

    I’m confused.


    P.S. Too bad the S.F. Giants already have a great CAT-cher. Simon’s cat has a nice arm.

      1. Absolutely not snark. I was just amazed that the video itself contained pure comedy. I thought it was refreshingly hilarious!

        I was definitely not impugning your motives one iota, Professor Coyne. I’d happily take a real bullet for you, man.

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