A bunch of cat cribs

October 1, 2012 • 8:28 am

Alert reader Michelle Beissel, owner of a wonderful food/cooking website as well as a tabby named deo888xx (“Dayo” for short), alerted me to a new BuzzFeed collection: “31 not-so-humble abodes for cats.

I’ll post a few, but be warned that some of these actually demean their feline inhabitants. Here’s one of those. Imagine the hauteur of forcing your cat to sleep in this (sewing pattern available from Etsy):

This isn’t too shabby, and it shouldn’t be at $1,324.98!:

According to BuzzFeed, this kitty tent was once only $7 from Ikea, but is no longer sold:

Another way to humiliate your pet for only thirty bucks (“Kittyville Elementary” indeed!):

I like this modernist look, which I believe I’ve posted before. This Meowhaus classic can be yours if you pony up $479:

Now this tassled cabana is the proper home for a regal moggie (and a steal at only $65.81!):

OMG! (click on it):

13 thoughts on “A bunch of cat cribs

  1. I love Baihu, but I ain’t spendin’ $1325 on furniture for him.

    Hell, I’m thinking of buying a recliner for us, and I doubt I’ll spend that much.

    I mean, it’s not like I’m a Republican presidential candidate….


  2. Iz dat kitteh Noah? I Noah kitty named Noah who live in a fish, ’cause Ceiling Cat didn’t noes the diffrenz between fish and whalez.

  3. The $7 tent from Ikea is a good buy since the cat may either destroy it or not use it. Family Dollar sometimes has similar cat tents. Also, seasonal items at the two main pet supply chains are dirt cheap after the holidays.

  4. My cat used to have a soft, fake sheep-hide covered bed. He loved it until someone dropped a paper bag on the floor. The bed has been given away. The paper bag gets replaced every few months because he eventually tears it up by playing in it, sleeping on it and dragging it aound. My Boots is a cheap date.

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