Darwin conference photos

December 20, 2009 • 4:39 pm

Bob Richards has put up a few dozen photos from our Darwin conference in October. If you enjoy seeing evolutionary biologists and philosophers in flagrante delicto, go here.  We’ll have an interview up shortly with Richard Lewontin (my Ph.D. advisor), and the videos of the talks themselves are on the way.

Fig. 1.  The Boss (aka Dick Lewontin)

3 thoughts on “Darwin conference photos

  1. Sorry. Shubin still looks snazzier than you.

    I guess you’ll just have to have written the better book, then. Speaking of which, how goes the translations into Arabic? I heard an interview from the AAI conference with a Mideastern atheist, who mentioned as dirth of evolutionary literature in Arabic. And I think it was teh Guardian who’d talked to an retired Egyptian biologist who’d done some of the first translations of Darwin.

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