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New duck, who dis?

UPDATE: Tara Tanaka has identified these as male wood ducks (I got the species right but not the sex). Tara says this: How sweet!  They’re male woodies – you can tell by the crescent on their faces – the white “comma” behind the eye.  I’m guessing they are this year’s, however it’s possible they are […]

I had a dream

Two nights ago I had a strange dream. Instead of being visual, like all my dreams, it was a disembodied announcement that I remember almost word for word (I woke up and made an effort to remember it). The announcement went something like this: “By 2039, the Democratic National Committee was the most powerful body […]

I had another dream. . . and some biology

For some reason I’ve remembered my dreams recently, though I usually forget them by morning. This is a short one from last night. For some reason I was confined in a cold jail cell, and the cell’s heater was simply a series of heated squiggly tubes, like a television antenna, resting on a stand. The […]

I had a dream

Every night I wake up in the wee hours for a short while before going back to sleep. If I’ve had a dream before that 2 a.m. awakening, I’ll often remember it vividly, but I always forget the details when I wake up for good in the morning. I usually try to impress the details […]

I had a dream

I can remember dreams only when they occur right before I wake up for good. That happened this morning, and I thought I’d recount another weird one. I was on a football team, playing on a big field in a stadium. All of a sudden a big wind swept all the players up and dumped […]

I had a dream

Last night—or rather, early this morning—I had an extremely vivid dream.  I was in some exotic locale on a cruise, but the cruise was a big ship traveling very rapidly down a narrow canal through a city that seemed to be a combination of Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Latin America.  Somehow two friends and I […]

I had a dream

Lately my dreams have turned from dreams of frustration—usually dreams involving being unable to find the room of a final exam in college, or having to take an exam on a subject I know nothing about—to dreams of  sheer terror. Last night’s was especially vivid. I was taken to a torture center run by Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge (perhaps […]

The things rats dream about

by Grania Spingies We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep. The Tempest (4.1.168-170) I should preface this with my regular caveat: I-am-not-a-scientist, nor do I play one on TV. My level expertise only allows me to say the rough equivalent of “Oh hey, this […]

I had a dream. . .

This is a weird one, and I remember the details (which are slowly growing hazier) only because I had it right before I awoke this morning. At the beginning, I was sitting on the grass with a girlfriend (nobody I know in my waking life), and then another girlfriend came by and sat down beside me: […]