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Another reason why modern pop and rock suck

The link to this video came from reader Andrea, who said, This may be one reason why you can’t stand today’s music… an insane overuse of the supertonic… the second note on the scale. BTW, the guy in this video has a cool keyboard. Combine supertonic obsession with autotuning, and you get a bunch of […]

Earliest Joni Mitchell tape found

Knowing of my great affection for the work of Joni Mitchell, reader Mark sent me a link to this CBC article about a lost recording found 57 years later. Click on the screenshot to read: An excerpt: When Victoria resident Barry Bowman heard the first few chords of that baritone ukulele, he knew he had finally […]

Rap converges with religious glossolalia

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of rap music, which has replaced soul music, a fantastic period of song, as the African-American pop music. I do like some rap songs, but only when the rapping has a melody interspersed. Here’s Iggy Azalea “freestyling”, which is improvised rap. She’s not very good at it, and […]

Song on a watermelon keyboard

I’m not sure what the “Playtron” is, but it appears to be a controller that, combined with a synthesizer and conductive objects (in this case, fruit) you can play music. The instrumentalist is Mezerg, a “one man band” who plays other instruments, like the theramin, on his channel,  Beyond this I know nothing, but thought […]

Christopher Walken dances to “Come and Get Your Love”

UPDATE: The original song that Walken was dancing to wasn’t “Come and Get your Love,” but “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim. The original video is here, and I’ve also embedded it below. Walken’s dancing is even more on the mark with the original song. Still, I love the Redbone song, and have left it […]

“Who Loves You”

I’m posting this because it’s been languishing in the archives for a while. I also realize that The Four Seasons group isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not my favorite cup of tea, but they did have some good songs, and among the best is this one. (I also like “Walk Like a Man” and […]

A marvelous instrument

Swedish musician Martin Molin, a member of the band Wintergatan, is also a prolific creator of bizarre instruments that the band uses in their performance.  This one, the Marble Machine, uses 2000 ball bearings that hit chimes, and also has percussion and a bass. The Wikipedia section about the machine says this: The machine is […]

McCartney and Clapton: Two from the Concert for George

They don’t build rock musicians—or songs—like these any more.  Here’s a cast of all-stars, featuring McCartney and Clapton, doing two songs at the Concert for George (Harrison), held in 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall. The first is the Beatles song “Something“, written by Harrison. McCartney starts it on the ukulele before the electric guitars […]

“I Shall Be Released”

I consider Bob Dylan a mediocre singer and a journeyman guitar player, but boy, he wrote some fantastic songs. This is one of them. It was first released by The Band, and there’s also a terrific version by Joan Baez. From “The Last Waltz,” and we’ll never again see talent like this on a stage […]

Bad writing in a review of Taylor Swift’s new album: a petulant deconstruction of purple prose

Despite Taylor Swift’s immense popularity, I’m no fan of the star, who’s viewed by many as an immensely talented songwriter of autobiographical pop songs.  I’ve listened to a fair number of them and never found one that was memorable. The article below, by a New York Times music critic, links to several of her songs […]