Fat Bear Week: Vote!

October 6, 2023 • 9:30 am

If you didn’t vote yet in Fat Bear week, you’ve missed two rounds of voting, both involving choosing the fattest bear in each of two pairs. Here are the results so far, with Bears 806 Spring Cub., 901, 128, and 164 winning their rounds (you can read about each of the bears here).

Today, starting at 9 a.m. Pacific time (noon Eastern time and 11 a.m. Chicago time), you can vote for two more matches on the Fat Bear Contest site linked above. All you have to do is tap on your favorite bear of each of the two pairs, enter your email address, and press “enter”. Remember, though, that it’s 1½ hours until the games begin!

Here are the matchups. Both of the bears I voted for made it through!



You can read about all the bears here. I won’t tell you how to vote, of course, but would like to point out that 806 Spring Cub, a first year, has had a tough life so far. Further, 480 Otis has already won more Fat Bear Titles than any other ursid, while 901, a mom, had a tough go last year, having reared THREE cubs, lost a lot of weight, and then lost one of the three cubs.  How sad!

There will be another chance to vote on Monday, and then on Tuesday there’s the final matchup, with the winner again determined by popular vote.

2 thoughts on “Fat Bear Week: Vote!

  1. Good-lookin’ bears.

    (Jerry has, to my knowledge, never written a post for this bl*g that’s failed to elicit even a single comment. And I’m not about to let this worthy post about fat bears become the first.)

  2. Yikes, I only came here to see the comments and other than Ken, surprised to see no comments, so had to leave another. Simple excuse: my wife is also a huge fat bear week fan and we vote through her log-in, etc., so I’m not necessarily following WEIT on this particular digital recreational highlight.

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