Caturday felid trifecta: excellent cat memes; missing cat found 10 months later in resort hotel; cat meets lookalike cake

July 22, 2023 • 9:30 am

From Bored Panda, an endless fount of animal fun, comes some “hilariously relatable” (oy!) memes showing what staffing a cat is really like. Click on the screenshot to see fifty. I’ll put up a few.

I’m sure I’ve posted the following photo before, but it never gets old:


Click to read some excerpts of the L.A. Times article:

An excerpt:

Ten months had passed since long-haul truckers Alfonso and Sherrie Meletiche lost their family cat, Baby, while making a delivery in Southern California.

The couple had pulled over at a stop in Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange County when a loud noise caused the feline to break free of her harness and run away.

A search team could not find her. Weeks turned into months. Hope turned into despair.

. . .Ten months later the Meletiches, who live in Fort Myers, Fla., got a surprise call. It was Gail Landau, the founder of Catmosphere Laguna Foundation, which finds homes for rescued and abandoned cats and kittens.

Baby, a Maine Coon mix, had been located. It turned out she had been masquerading as a guest at the five-star Montage Laguna Beach hotel. Landau was able to find her owner because the cat had been outfitted with a microchip, a tiny transponder about the size of a grain of rice implanted in the animal’s skin.

Here’s Baby. Nobody puts her in a corner!

A year earlier, Alonna Meletiche, Alfonso and Sherrie’s daughter, had taken the cat to the veterinarian for its shots and made the decision at that time to have her microchipped, which has become increasingly popular as a way to reunite pet owners with their lost animals.

. . .“I was shocked,” Alfonso said of Landau’s call. “I couldn’t believe it because I, myself, gave up. I said, ‘There’s no way. There’s no way that we’re ever going to get her back,’ but when Gail called, I was overwhelmed, and I was also shocked.”

He immediately booked an airline ticket to California. But then just as quickly he had to cancel his trip when Baby disappeared again from Landau’s house in Mission Viejo.

“I said, ‘Oh my god.’ It’s like feeling this emptiness all over again,” Alfonso said, “just when she was right there within reach.”

Baby would eventually be found again — at the Montage.

. . .When Baby was hanging around the Laguna Beach hotel the first time, passersby had taken to feeding the cat, including resident Nancy Welch, who wound up corralling the feline after her second flight.

“The big mystery is how did the cat get down from Mission Viejo to Laguna,” said Welch, who commented that Baby was living her best life at the luxury resort. “What I keep laughing about is… it’s like a marketing ad for the Montage, that the cat got herself back to the Montage after being at Gail’s house.”

The Meletiche family received the good news. Alfonso flew into John Wayne Airport this week, nervous that Baby might not remember him.

She did.

And here’s Baby, back with her owners after her luxury vacation.  Your take-home lesson: GET YOUR CAT CHIPPED, and DO IT NOW!

Alfonso and Baby were on flight home to Florida on Monday.


Finally, a cat reacts to a cake made to look like the cat! This video, put up two years ago (without any notes) has since accrued 23 million views! The cat freaks out when the staff cuts into its head.

18 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: excellent cat memes; missing cat found 10 months later in resort hotel; cat meets lookalike cake

  1. FWIW, I always read the Caturday Trifecta (although sometimes not until afternoon CDT, esp. if trying to bike before the heat in CA), and forward it to multiple ailurophile relatives who don’t read WEIT regularly. And I rarely miss any post.

  2. Thank you Jerry. I always enjoy Caturday. My Burmese cat, Siti, is on my lap and reading it with me. All the best.

  3. I don’t know why Caturday posts always get less comments than other kinds, but I doubt it’s because people enjoy them less. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and the cat’s expression when the knife went into cake-fake-cat’s head was hilarious, in a somewhat unsettling way.

  4. The cat freaks out when the staff cuts into its head.

    The graphics (and also robotics) people call this “uncanny valley” when it’s hoominz being imitated.
    The cat has a few licks and sniffs at the cake, so presumably knows that this is no cat. So … is this the cat worrying about the crippled hoominz state of mind? They (probably) know that hoominz haz no sense of smell, so maybe the cat is thinking “sttpid hoominz think this is me AND THEY’RE CUTTING MY HEAD APART …”
    Yeah, I can see why the cat is freaked. If this was in America, Puss would be sleeping with a gun under it’s pillow for months. Or just up and move in with the neighbours.

  5. The cat watching its confectionery alter ego: I couldn’t stand to watch the video past the cat’s flinch as the cake was beheaded! But it seems odd that sniffing [and licking] didn’t suggest a potemkin cat — do you suppose this cat had not been around another feline since kittenhood? I can’t imagine our two ladies falling for this. Most likely they would sned it back to the kitchen with instruction to send out a tunafish mold!

  6. Please keep Caturdays going! Since I’m on the other side of the International Date Line, it’s the first thing that I read on Sunday mornings while waiting for my coffee to brew! Sometimes our cat Schimi (his name means ‘cat’ in Tibetan) reads it with me.

  7. I love the trifecta posts. I generally forward some or all of them to family.

    I also find the knife through the head image disturbing. I’m with the cat on this one.

  8. If I get arrested I hope a cat comes to sit on me. I think the lower participation is because, Saturday seems to be a slow day, not sure why. But it’s usually the cat people that watch Caturday. I read it and often have my other half looking at it because she is the real cat person here. No one is more cat than her. But she does not leave comments. 47 years married and almost none without cats. We are down to one cat now and I think Emma will be the last. We are getting too old for the investment.

  9. I couldn’t watch the video past the cat’s flinch either. If I were the one with the knife that would have been enough to make me put it down.

  10. I no longer have any cats living with me as do not have time along with health reasons to properly care for them, as independent as they are cats do need attention at times but this regular feature helps to make up for not having them about.

    As someone who rarely posts it seems a tad hypocritical to ask you to keep it going but I can assure you the cat and duck features bring joy to many of us and the site in general is always worth reading.

  11. I’m late to this week’s Trifecta – my sister and her daughter are flying home to Oregon today so things will be back to normal around here soon. Some great photos in today’s post – I’m with the cat on its reaction to the cake beheading.

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