17 thoughts on “Here’s the cat!

    1. I was wrong! I was wrong! I was wrong!

      However.. the top middle shelf, peeking out from the books could have been a cat, too.
      (And in an alternate reality, probably is.)

  1. Ah.

    I thought one of the photos was a cat from the back – sorta lookin’ off at the horizon, or something..

    …you know I still don’t see it….

  2. Meh!!!!! Frustrating. This one visually sucked. If the pixels were better on the pic, I’m sure I’d have gotten it. But even with zooming in, I’d not have gotten this. Not fair, Ceiling Cat. Not fair.

    FWIW and OTS, I got a kitten, a Devon Rex. He has a mutation in Keratin 71, albeit a different one than the Canadian Sphinx. My baby has white and fawn wavy hair (missing the outer guard hairs). It’s been a crummy day because he was poked for several vaccines. Poor baby. He screamed and is site-sore. He’s nursing his right side and lethargic. But vet says this is normal. If only they knew what a behavioral change I’m seeing. My baby kid is sleeping on my lap under a heated blanket (and has been for hours) when he is normally a monkey.

    Anyway, I got a kitty. He’s adorable. I could send you a bazillion pics, but it doesn’t fit the pattern of your Reader’s Wildlife pics. But he is something else.


  3. I didn’t have a chance. I was looking for a whole cat, not just legs and feet. Oh well. I’m ready for the “find the” post.

  4. I really got this one wrong. All it said was “spot the cat!” and that it was hard, so I thought it might be a trick.

    There are several items on those shelves which look very much like they could be catalogs.

  5. YES! Thought so. Didn’t really look like anything CAT but it was the only area of shelves where there was an unfilled cavity.

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