Good morning, Jewboy!

May 8, 2023 • 10:30 am

I woke up when it was dark, switched the light on, and did my customary email check when I was still in bed.  What I found was the diatribe below, with the (undoubtedly fake) return email address

I of course put the address into a Google search, and nothing showed up.  I have the full header as well. If any reader is good at tracing these things, I’ll be glad to email it.  While I keep all readers’ information confidential unless they contain a threat, this is from an email, not a reader’s comment.

This doesn’t worry me—in fact, it’s sort of funny in using almost every anti-Semitic trope available, including the claim that THE JEWS USED THE BUBONIC PLAGUE TO KILL GENTILES.  (I wonder how they themselves kept themselves from being infected.)

Just one point: I don’t think this is a joke, for nobody would send such stuff to be funny, because it’s not. I’ve put the funniest bits in bold. I haven’t changed anything, including the misspellings, except for my added emphasis.

Dear Mr Coyne,

Your last name sounds jewish and I believe you are an Atheist.
Anyways, now that you opened the email,
You claim that jews are probably the most persecuted group in history. This is a  blatant lie. Jews are the ones persecuting whatever host population they parasitize.
Stalin (Crypto-jew who’s real name was Yosef Dzhugashvili which translates as Joseph, Son of Judah) killed 50,000,000 Russian Gentiles.
The Rothschilds (Jew Supremacists) killed 85,000,000 Gentiles in WW2, or should I say manipulated them to kill one another.
The Bubonic Plague – 60,000,000cGentiles
WW1 – Another 15,000,000 Gentiles..
I could go on and on, but I’m sure that as a Shekkkel Schlepper you know the Truth.
And btw, after you claimed jews were so persecuted in history, the immediate example you bring up is that they have been kicked out of countless Gentile Countries.
Take a look at EVERY official court or legal  document from any Nation that jews were expelled from. They always include, amongst a laundry list of charges, a quite unique accusation – That of ritualistic sodomy, torture, bloodletting, and sacrifice of young Gentile Boys.
On a final note, I noticed in a photograph of you that you are sitting in front of a dinosaur “skeleton”. Do you think dinosaurs are real, Jerry? Are you aware of your jewish Huckabee who made a hustle our of it and competed to find the most “fossils”?
Are you aware that all dinosaur “bones” are manufactured through one company in China?
Are you aware that EVERY SINGLE “Skeleton” on display in museums is FAKE?
Do you think if you get on a step ladder and scrape a “T-Rex Skull” for DNA that it will have “Dinosaur” DNA when viewed under high powered microscopy?
C’mon, Jerry old buddy… You’re no Goy. You’re on the inside track, aren’t you, you fucking ugly ass jewish Supremacist piece of shit…
If you were a real SCIENTIST you would investigate every claim made by Navigators, Railroad Engineers, Bridge Engineers, Canal Engineers, Astronomers, etc before the jewish Supremacists infiltrated all Western Governments and took control of TEXT BOOKS in the Public School System.
Then you could come out with a book titled, “Why The Flat Earth is True”.
But you won’t investigate those claims, will ya, Jerry my boy?
One correction: this joker apparently thinks (along with his other delusions) that “high powered miscroscopy” can identify the source of DNA. Oy vey!

97 thoughts on “Good morning, Jewboy!

  1. Definitely not a joke. If this had been a letter, it would have been written in green ink, and I don’t want to think about all the colors and fonts the writer would have used if it was on a website.

    1. If this was a letter, it would be written in crayon on construction paper.

      If it was a on a website, it would be a geocities page with red text on a tiled background of the same tiny jpeg. These would be the most appropriate forms, commensurate with his (lack of) intelligence. Though the website would need to belong to someone else, as there’s no way this guy could learn basic HTML 😀

      A small piece of me feels bad for people like this guy. Somewhere inside is a deep jealousy stemming from the fact that his life and mind are an utter mess, and he can’t help but compare with all the successful people he sees and wonder why he’s such a failure in every way. And so he’s terminally online (likely nearly every hour of the day due to being unemployed) and drawn to websites and forums that feed his need for finding a conspiracy that has resulted in his sad life. Because he can’t consciously admit to himself that his life is the result of fhe facts that he’s a person of lower-than-average intelligence with bigoted views, a horribly unlikable personality, and no redeeming features. And things will never get better because not only will he never change, but he’ll only get worse as he continues to make excuses for his partially genetic, partially self-imposed inferiority and uselessness.

      Anyway, that’s usually what these people turn out to be when their online mask is pulled back and they’re revealed for all the world to see 😛

  2. Love the opening sentence, not just a Jew, but – even worse! – an atheist! He is pretty complete, with the Flat Earth cherry on the top, but forgot to mention how Jews killed Jesus, who was a blond Aryan, according to so many paintings and illustrations.

  3. What a really deranged person! Wow. But thanks for posting this so that we can understand what serious off-the-wall craziness looks like. I’m sorry you have to get this kind of stuff.

  4. The author is obviously mentally ill. I wonder – does he actually believe what he wrote or is he simply trying to make a noise?

    1. Considering how widespread these beliefs are, even if not often expressed in this manor, it’s hard to believe that those who adhere to them are all ‘mentally ill’.

      1. AIUI, the DSM declares that religious beliefs are ipso facto not delusions.

        So it seems that if a writer’s thoroughly wacko ideas are sufficiently widespread then the writer is therby not to be considered mentally ill. Go figure.

        This supports the view that mental-health practitioners are generally crazy to start with.

  5. I’m sorry you have to put up with ridiculous insults like this, Jerry.
    The word to conspiracy ratio is almost impressive. Glad you can see the funny side of it!

      1. If you believe that it’s a both-sides issue then you’re in the camp of the poster of that vile and stupid diatribe.

        1. Oh good, an “antisemitism is only a problem on the other side” person. A “people who call out problems with my tribe are as bad as violent racists” person.

          Your political tribe is not free of guilt. The other side is not the sole source of everything evil. Find an identity beyond just your political camp. There is a huge antisemitism problem on the Left, whether you want to admit it or not.

          You’re a denialist just like so many people on the Right; your denialism is just of a very slightly different flavor, like the difference between vanilla and vanilla bean ice cream.

        2. No she’s not, Samuel. Rosemary is simply pointing out that there is no reason to assume the e-mail was authored by someone on the far right just from its content. The author could be a paranoid schizophrenic who has no political views at all. You are confused about what “both-sidesism” means.

        3. 1. After a mass shooting by Black Hebrew Israelites targeting Jews killed six people, Jersey City school board member Joan Terrel-Paige blamed and then went on a conspiracy theory-filled rant against Jews. Not only did she not apologize, but she doubled down! Not only that, but a vigil was held in support of her as calls for her to resign intensified! Two years later, she was endorsed in the next election by the teacher’s union of the city! Read her unhinged Facebook post — it actually sounds a lot like the email Jerry got — on the website FreeBeacon (google it, as I can only post one link without getting auto-modded, and I’m saving it)

          2. You probably think school board member is too low a position, regardless of how much support she got. Well, how about Representative Keith Ellison, who wrote an entire law school journal paper praising Louis Farrakhan in 2006, which was known when he was appointed head of the DNC in 2017? He went on to say he had disavowed Farrakhan ten years prior, had no involvement with him ever again, and was unaware of Farrakhan’s views about Jews when he wrote the article. But, if you look up the Washington Post fact check, it turns out he had met with Farrakhan as recently as 2016, with another representative of the Democratic Party as well!

          3. Hillel club buildings around the country have been defaced with pro-Palestine graffiti and their Mezuzahs ripped off on multiple campuses. BDS is a left-wing movement. “Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism,” I would hear you say. Then why are they targeting a Jewish group, rather than a purely pro-Israel group? And, in the following case, why on Holocaust Remembrance Day? Coincidence? Because of the one-link rule, just search for “hillel defaced by graffiti on Holocaust Remembrance Day” and it pops right up.

          4. Three of four leaders of the Women’s March publicly endorsed Louis Farrakhan. Two of them posted pictures of themselves with him, along with praise. They remained leaders of the March for many months after and suffered no repercussions, nor did they apologize as far as I know.

          5. Again, because of the link restriction, I will just ask that you do a quick google of antisemitic incidents on college campuses. They’re not hard to find.

          6. I could go on with the US, but how about we just do a quick little thing about UK Labour Party politicians? Here’s a handy guide of 50 incidents, from back when Corbyn was still party leader (and very conspicuously refusing to address the antisemitism in his party):

          Well, I would keep going, but I have a feeling you won’t answer this post. People like you never do once facts are brought into the conversation.

    1. To accuse any named person of being the author of that e-mail is libel, especially if the person libelled can’t take a joke. Restraint, please.

      I do think Jerry should send it to the FBI. The sender might be on a watch list.

  6. The way things are going, in a couple more election cycles, this guy might be hired as a platform writer by the GOP. If Bircherism can be mainstreamed, why not this?

    1. Send him Louis Farrakhan’s way. This guy has a lot of novel conspiracy theories (all dinosaur bones are fakes made in China?!?) that are right up the alley of the Nation of Islam.

  7. “Your last name sounds jewish and I believe you are an Athiest.” I find it hard to get past the preposterousness of that first sentence and onto the dreary blood libel parts.

      1. Exactly. I know several Irish (and non-Jewish) Coynes. And you don’t exactly hide your athiest cred under the proverbial bushel. That’s what makes that opening so much of a head-shaker.

      2. Hey, supporting science and evolution makes you a Jew in the books of people of that type. Notice the nonsense about school systems and textbooks. Where else have you heard that of recent?

    1. The funniest part to me when the writer says he “believes you are an atheist”. As if he’s not sure about that … yet he IS sure the earth is flat and dinosaurs are all made in China!!!!

      1. I confess I’d never heard the one about dinosaur fossils as of Chinese manufacture.

    2. This sure seem like support for the argument that anti-Semitism is a type of racisms, as the author of this letter seems to not care that he believes “you are an Atheist”.

  8. The headers of the email will contain the IP address from which it originated, but those are headers that most mail programs don’t normally display. Look for a menu option like “Show full headers”. There will be a series of lines beginning with ‘Received: from’ which document how the email was handed from one mail server to another on its journey to you. Near the start of the chain, there will be one that identifies the IP address of the computer where the email started its journey. Ignore any line which mentions, as that’s a ‘local’ IP address by which any computer refers to itself.

    Knowing the sender’s IP address, you can identify the originating country and Internet provider.

    Happy to take a look at the headers for you if you wish. If I received something as deranged as this, I’d want to be sure the sender wasn’t within several hundred kilometres of me!

  9. Jerry, I am so sorry you received such a hate filled and misinformed email. What I find deeply disturbing is that both the (far) left and the (far) right engage in antisemitism.

  10. I too am truly sorry that you have to put up with this kind of crap. May I suggest, if you have not done so already, that you send it to the FBI? I expect doing so to be an exercise in futility, but it cannot hurt.

  11. Translation: A demented man recognizes but doesn’t understand intelligence and economic achievement that he lacks. He is too stupid and uneducated not to stew in resentment. Instead of doing what so many Jews have done to have better lives despite horrendous circumstances — focus on learning — this man squanders his own resources sending hate mail to a stranger. Perhaps doing so is a defense mechanism to justify his wretched and miserable existence. Seems like this pitiful man will continue to live in a hell of his own making. A question for me when I see such depressing behavior is whether things could be other than they are. Sometimes things can happen such that brains change, but my guess is that this person will continue to inhabit a wasteland of a soul.

    1. From the deranged, ill-informed rant: “Stalin (Crypto-jew who’s real name was Yosef Dzhugashvili which translates as Joseph, Son of Judah)”

      If only these conspiracy nuts followed their own advice and ‘did their research. Stalin’s name was Joseph Vissarionovich.

      1. Why do my stand-alone comments appear as replies to random comments? I typed the above comment in the correct box at the very end of the comment thread yet it turned up here as a reply to Roz’s comment.

  12. It’s horrible that it was sent and you had to look at it. For me, the only novel claim was that Stalin, who instituted many antisemitic policies, was Jewish. Also, I wasn’t aware that the concept of a spherical earth was particularly Jewish.

  13. Your correspondent doesn’t even know the correct spelling of the name of the actor who played Kunte Kinte, LeVar Burton.

    Seems like a lame attempt at misdirection.

    1. And how dare he use that shining ray of light named LeVar Burton for anything. LeVar Burton would be disgusted by him, and while I hope that is true of most human beings, unfortunately not enough of them would disagree with the emailer’s overall sentiments. Between the Middle East and antisemitic sentiment in all other parts of the world, there could be two billion people who are on the same page as this lunatic.

  14. I guess the author doesn’t know that Stalin persecuted Jews (the fanciful “Doctors’ plot”)

  15. Thanks for passing this one along to us, PCC(e). I particularly liked the part about examining DNA under a high-powered microscope. There is a bit like that in one (or perhaps more) of Roger Corman’s sci-fi B-movie from the 1950s..

  16. Sorry you have to put up with such nonsense, Professor. Who can explain the belief system of an obviously deranged individual, except for the fact that he or she is deranged.

  17. Funny, sad and scary all at once. But not as scary as the bigots that know how to camouflage their violent and ignorant beliefs.

  18. I’d forward that to the FBI. I don’t know if they have the resources, but you leave a track record in case this guy decides to go postal on a synagogue, or CC forbid, comes after you.
    But on a more interesting note, I’ve been reading about bubonic plague and warfare.
    is the book concerned. I had high hopes, but it is ill-written and tragically correct. In considering the effects of the Roman Empire the author, a sociologist, uses the sketch from The Life of Brian “What did the Romans Ever Do For Us?” and has the bleeding nerve to talk about how distressing it was for him that a bunch of middle-aged white men educated at Oxford and Cambridge should debate the merits of colonialism! He had already intruded his PC bona fides in several places but this one was the last straw. It’s very rare that I decide not to finish a book, but this one is not looking like it will reach the finishing line.

    1. I think it’s a wise move that you forwarded the email to the FBI, Christopher. This person seems just one step away from manifesto making.

  19. Glad to hear it doesn’t worry you- it made my heart clench to read it, and I’m not even the object of the rant. No one should have to encounter such hatred. Good for you for putting it out there for all to see.

  20. That’s horrible. I’ve read all those tropes before; clearly this guy has amassed quite the collection of antisemitic insults. I suppose that there is no specific threat in the letter, but it’s scary just the same. It would certainly frighten me if it arrived in my e-mail box. Thank you for sharing this. I can only hope that the supportive messages you are receiving from your discussants provide some comfort.

  21. I share the revulsion of all your correspondents at this ignorant diatribe and the ignoramus who sent it. I have nothing to add other than my name to those who support you can stand with you in the face of this garbage.

  22. Wow, what an unhinged kook. He must have memorized The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What life must be like to someone so deranged. Would he be so nutso without religion? I doubt it.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this piece of garbage and having a good attitude about it; glad it didn’t ruin your day like it probably would mine if I received such an email.

  23. I am sorry you were sent this. Please follow up on the sender — someone here, or at the FBI, should know where this lunatic is and what he, or she, is thinking. Too often we allow people like this to lurk out there in media echo chambers until they explode.

  24. I think there is little doubt that this person is severely mentally ill. What would be nice to know is what were the societal forces that made him what he is. Why did he become fixated on Jews when there are other groups that could have served as delusions just as well. Was it the Internet, friends and family, or his religion that twisted his mind? If we were able to identify the source, I fear that the 1st amendment would prevent us from shutting it down. There are many others that think like him, and under the present political environment, they are much more willing to vocalize their craziness and act upon it.

  25. I would, at least, report it to Google. I would hope that this would violate their terms of service.

      1. They drive around my house. I can’t take out the trash or roll out of the driveway or walk into Best Buy without them attempting to make sure I notice them.

  26. Ah yes, railroad engineers, scourge of the Earth.
    Getting to places on time is bullshit, George Soros created watches. What’s even worse is cargo distribution! How dare essential materials be distributed among the populace! THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A CONSPIRACY TO BRING DOWN THE WHITE MAN!

    Seriously though, I’m sorry you endured that hate.

  27. Everything after Dear Mr. Coyne is whiteout. Am I doing something wrong? Never mind, now I see it.

    1. when I open the post in my email, most of the text is white. However, if I select all the text, the white text shows up with a pale blue background and I can read it. I’m too lazy to actually change the color since this works so well. I hope it solves your problem, too.

  28. Several folks have suggested forwarding the letter to the FBI. In my opinion, they are correct.

    1. I’ve been to this rodeo before. There is nothing illegal or FBI-worthy in a single email like this. If there was a THREAT, then the FBI could investigate (if it came from another state). This happened to me once when there was a real threat to kill me and perform sexual acts on my eye sockets (removing my eyes was part of the threat), and the FBI sent an agent to the guy’s house. As they told me, “We don’t think he’ll be bothering you again.” LOL.

  29. Crivens. And here I was thinking the technology to write emails in human faeces hadn’t been invented yet. Shows what I know….

  30. Jerry, I am so sorry that the nut job decided to harass you. I agree with everyone who suggest reporting this to the FBI. Given the current division in this country, reporting this writer to the FBI seems reasonable. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks to everyone for their empathy, but I really am not freaked out by this email, which isn’t all that different (except in lunacy) from ones I get regularly. As for reporting it, I could to that only if there was a pattern of harassment or a physical threat. This is just hate speech, which is legal so long as the person doesnt do it over and over again.

  31. Good grief! This person is completely out of touch with reality. No more acid for them!!!
    Sorry you have to deal with this kind of stuff.

  32. Well that’s a good look at what’s going on in someones’ brain basement. Is it too much alcohol or not enough? Disapointing that reptiles weren’t mentioned, the cherry on top of a good insane rant. I’m always heartened how you keep your sense of humour, the best fix, hopefully, while staying on guard. I’ve asked about your safety before so I think you have been well tested with this sort of thing.

  33. I am sorry that you need to deal with this kind of thing, but I am thankful that you do and keep the site active despite it.

    I make no suggestions, as I am aware that you already have procedures to deal with such issues, but I will ask if the university, and the UC attorneys, are still available to you to help? or your publisher/publisher’s attorneys? Or do you have to cover those resources yourself as PCC emeritus?

  34. How can a person be so vile to another person? How can a person be so deluded about science, history, morality, everything. It’s not simple ignorance. It’s actively learning vile, conspiratorial, distorted history from being a member of a subculture. They pass these kinds of beliefs between each other.

    1. Some dysfunctional people seek out external excuses for their dysfunctional lives. Worst of all is that it’s a feedback loop: they’re pathetic and their life has gone and is going nowhere, everybody they come in personal contact with hates them, and so they become even more vile and disgusting as they feed themselves a steady diet of conspiracies that give them something else to blame other than themselves for their situation. They interact from behind a computer with others in the same state of mental and personal decay, forming a blame circle-jerk where they whinge and rage about a fantasy world of their own construction where they are amazing people and the only things holding them back from their greatness must be external forces. Of course, all of this only leads to them being even more inferior and miserable, and thus a downward spiral is formed until they hit rock bottom, where they can’t possibly become any worse than they already are.

      Unfortunately, many of the conspiracies they convince themselves of are used as weapons to radicalize people just like them and plenty of others. And so the conspiracy theories continue to spread like a disease, infecting even people of otherwise sound mind, often helped along by actually influential people from professors to politicians to media figures.

  35. Dr. Coyne, I’m sure you are used to this kind of BS, but for the first time (after reading your “blog” since 2009), I am truly afraid for your well being. So please be careful. Mazel tov. Keith

  36. Hello.
    I get these in every communication medium that exists today. Some of the beefs the fool has are familiar. He could be some fat, unemployable fool typing away in a basement.

  37. The cargo cult of today apparently is not in the Pacific. We are facing a breakdown in the epistemic basis of Western society.

  38. It’s like a suicide note from the Allen Mall shooter. It makes you wish for a qualifying exam to become a member of the human race. If we live in the Singularity, there’s a very bad virus in the System.

  39. Seems to me that this person is ill and seriously needs help. And perhaps with such a weak understanding of reality, perhaps also has learning difficulties. We all, kind of, know that delusional individuals like this are out there, but shocking to have it thrust in your face. Good luck with it.

  40. “… CK YOU. NOBODY LIKES YOU.” Bah – FTR, we only met once, we had a very nice conversation (you were quite generous with your time to chat with some random HS teacher on vacation) and I like you. I may not be *SOME*body but I’m not *NO*body. Always enjoy your contributions, thank you Jerry.

  41. Just FYI, here’s one I got two years ago which I did not report, though I probably should have:

    Take down your website or I promise you we will find you and your family and kill you all, slowly. Go ahead…take a chance with it…you’re messing with criminals who clearly don’t respect the law, you think we won’t do it? 🙂

    1. Wow, that is a clear threat of imminent violence. That 100% should be reported, even now!

      I don’t know how you put up with this, but thank you.

  42. I admire Dr. Coyne’s ability to put up with this sort of thing. People such as the writer of the screed should be put somewhere so that they can get the help they need.

  43. Wow. THAT’S some effed up stuff. We realize (and thank you) for weeding out the crazies so we can all enjoy the comments on WEIT. That’s half the fun!
    Nutters like the above are about, they’ve got to nut.
    Nevermind, they’re a tiny minority of humans.

  44. Well, this is another example of how antisemitism is alive and thriving. My question for discussion is: does this particular rant rise to the level of “Hate Speech”? I think in Canada (my own country) it might well do. However probably not to the level of warranting criminal charges. In the US context of free speech, would this speech be protected by the First Amendment?

    1. In Canada, hate speech is by definition a criminal offence. There is no such thing in Canada as hate speech that doesn’t rise to the level of warranting criminal charges. It’s not hate speech unless it does. Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada defines it and sets out available defences.

      But there is no hate speech law in the U.S. because the First Amendment is robust.. Illegal speech is very narrowly defined, usually threatening or calling for immediate directed violence against someone. Calling something hate speech in the U.S. is purely a subjective non-legal epithet, like calling something racist, or hurtful, or counter-revolutionary. So sure, this e-mail is hateful but that’s as much as you can say about it.

      Note that in Canada you have to be circumspect in calling something hate speech because then you would be accusing the speaker of a criminal offence. You could end up in way more trouble than the speaker would if the police decided no crime had been committed after you had publicly trashed his reputation. Activists for various causes often accuse heterodox speakers of promulgating or fostering “hate” against their clients but they are careful not to say “hate speech.”

  45. It’s a shame such s**t needs to be commented on and dealt with in some fashion. It gives unearned attention to someone whose complete absence would greatly benefit the world.

  46. What an idiot. Imagine being so unfulfilled, so angry and frustrated with your life, that you feel motivated to write such hateful, vitriolic nonsense to someone you have never met. Yes, this email is revolting, and it’s easy to feel troubled and worried by it, but we should keep in mind what sort of people write this rubbish.

    I’m not a psychologist, but I work with psychologists who study and try to counter online anonymous hate. They tell me that there has been lots of research about this sort of thing, and it almost always originates from a person with certain characteristics:

    – They are male 18 – 35
    – Few or no friends
    – Sexually inexperienced
    – No girlfriend or partner
    – Low educational achievement
    – No job or an unfulfilling one
    – Low income
    – Often live with their parents

    They are usually very lonely, and angry at their life and themselves, and they seek an out group to blame for their failures. The sender will very likely be reading these comments looking for reactions of fear or anger, giving them a fleeting sense of power and control which is absent in their real life. However, they are very unlikely to act out any of their hate in the real world and usually grow out of it when or if their circumstances change. The people who do act on this sort of thing are apparently much less vocal on average.

    It’s pitiful and pathetic behaviour, the writer probably knows it deep down, and they are almost certainly ashamed of what they are saying. What they need is to feel worthwhile, cared for and acknowledged. My psychologist friends tell me that such people nearly always change this online behaviour if their circumstances change for the better.

    Although they probably aren’t committing any criminal offence, they should ideally face some punishment (from employers, college maybe) for reasons of deterrence and rehabilitation. But obviously, this is difficult if they are out of work and anonymous.

    Most of all they need a friend and a hug, some encouragement and hope of a better future. A girlfriend would be even better! This isn’t to excuse what they say or do, as their behaviour is egregious, but in terms of what works, positive life changes would make all the difference.

  47. How do you delete your comment here. Some moron has jumped in with a lengthy “both-sides” argument

    1. You can’t delete comments.

      Instead of calling people who disagree with you “morons” and claiming that they’re part of the “same camp” as viciously antisemitic people who harass Jews, what you could do is answer the comments. If your earlier comment is correct, then why can’t you defend your claims that (1) the far-left has no antisemitism problem, and (2) anyone who says otherwise is “in the camp of the poster of that vile and stupid diatribe,” people who are horrifyingly hateful, racist, and harass people based on their ethnicity and/or religion?

      The more outrageous your claim, the more you should be required to back it up.

  48. If you were a real SCIENTIST you would investigate every claim made by Navigators, […] etc before the jewish Supremacists infiltrated all Western Governments and took control of TEXT BOOKS in the Public School System.

    Doesn’t Burton know that most of these anti-Jewish tropes pre-date there being a “Public School System” for anyone to infiltrate and “take over”.

  49. I’ve posted this once but it appeared as a reply to comment #15.

    From the deranged, ill-informed rant: “Stalin (Crypto-jew who’s real name was Yosef Dzhugashvili which translates as Joseph, Son of Judah)”

    If only these conspiracy nuts followed their own advice and ‘did their research. Stalin’s name was Joseph Vissarionovich.

    1. Wikipedia says Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. I have no idea how it translates.

      1. He was Georgian, so he changed his name. The Germans technically held Georgia after WWI, but Russia annexed it a couple of years later. Stalin changed his name something more classically Russian.

        EDIT: To elaborate, I’ll just simply say that in terms of Russian worldview, while there are many different kinds of ethnic “Russian,” Georgians are still considered an ethnic group distinct from any Russians. Stalin was unlikely to gain much traction as a Georgian.

  50. It is real. I also wrote an article on the Flat Earth conspiracy and received a similar email. I googled the email address and found your blog. The dedication of these hateful individuals is fascinating, and scary. Mostly scary.

  51. The Earh is neither flat nor spherical. It is U-shaped. I know this ’cause I live in the valley…

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