Here’s the damselfly!

April 30, 2023 • 12:25 pm

Did you spot the damselfly in the photo below. It’s right there in plain sight, but then again it’s not. The reveal is in the second photo:

I’ve circled it, so here it is. I can’t see the wings: perhaps they’re too clear to see or this is a newly emerged adult and hasn’t yet expanded its wings

8 thoughts on “Here’s the damselfly!

    1. I pretty much got it straight away. I maximised the image and scrolled down and spotted it as soon as it was in view.

      I was quite lucky that the full sized image fitted the screen without me needing to do horizontal scrolling.

      Edit: it also helped that I was able to convince my brain that the wings would not be obvious because they would surely be folded.

  1. Damselflies don’t spread their wings when landed. This view is from above. To see wings you normally need a side view.

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