Off to France!

April 10, 2023 • 7:45 am

This afternoon I head to France, and will immediately take the Metro to the First, where I’ll have a slap-up lunch at Chez Denise with a friend. Restaurant reservations are made for all eight days, and I will try to walk a lot and eat only once per day to stave off obesity.

What this means for readers is that there will be fewer posts, and they will concentrate mainly on Paris, travel, and food.

Also, since the comments feature has a glitch whereby I have to approve nearly every comment manually, regardless of whether a reader has posted before, your comments may take a while before they appear. Bear with me, and please don’t write me telling me your comment isn’t up!  I do my best.

Please keep emails to me to a minimum until I’ll back in business on April 20.

À plus tard!

23 thoughts on “Off to France!

  1. The systemic hegemony of cassoulet haricot bean sausage pork mutton and preserved goose stews knows not the instrument of harm, exclusion, and appetite about to bring it to justice.

    Looking forward to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive travelogue!

    ^^^just part of my daily critical-theoretical exercises.

    1. ^^^the “cassoulet” word was supposed to be formatted as strikethrough – for the “erasing” effect.

  2. I hope the pension protests have quieted down by the time you get to Paris. I was there last year and hope to go again soon, so your food adventures will be a future travel guide.

    Incidentally, if you have time for a bit of tourism, Alexandre Dumas’s Chateau de Monte Cristo is in the suburbs of Paris:
    Dumas built it with the proceeds of his novels. Even more charming than the chateau is his writer’s cottage, Chateau D’If, which stands nearby.

  3. Looking forward to your travelogues. Safe travels. Has Matthew ever taken you around Paris to see some of the famous spots he talks about in his book Eleven Days in August? I just finished the book- it was great.

    1. Matthew and I lived in Paris at the same time (I was doing a sabbatical in 1989 when he was doing a postdoc (I think), but he hadn’t written his war books yet and so I didn’t see “the” sights. But I did visit him and we worked in the same lab.

      1. Oh, I see. So I gather that’s how you two first met. I had no idea you have been friends for that long. Very cool.

  4. Get the Carte Orange for the metro if you are going to be there a couple of weeks (they need your photo); unlimited rides. Go to Angelina’s and get their Mont Blanc (meringue, chestnut paste, whipped cream). Get the little booklet PariScope at newspaper stands; it lists EVERY event, theater, movie, art show, exhibit, etc. for a whole week. And take home REAL raw milk Camembert cheese, a few wheels, vacuum packed. No problem bringing in cheese to the USA for your own use. PS: Pear cider is GREAT and so are Bulots (sea snails); get the plateau de mer at a local seafood place…for them and other sea food.

  5. My wife and I went to Paris only once, at least 15 years ago, and loved it!. The only way we got around was “pedal power”–we walked everywhere! Never took the Metro. Hope you’re having fun, as I’m sure you are.

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