21 thoughts on “This is the 27,000th post on this site

  1. You are certainly most prolific. Thank you for this blog, which I enjoy a great deal and to which I often refer in my blog. I have only written 1,600+ posts in 5+ years. I am such a slacker. 😉

  2. Congratulations…an excellent milestone. Many years ago, when my brother was a visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study, he noted with amazement a colleague that he said “could create faster than I can understand”. I continue to be amazed at the breadth and depth of your daily reading and writing, and while it takes me a long time to read and understand even a good fraction the posts and references, I am convinced that they provide a trusted source of thinkers and writers that is not available via any mainstream media. Thank you!

    1. And you don’t just post, but seem to read every reader comment and engage in conversation and clarification when appropriate.

  3. For some reason, trying to get here by following the “previous post” link from the subsequent post (Thoughts of Chaircat Hili) … breaks back to the home page/ list of posts.
    Is WordPress trying to celebrate with you?

  4. Congratulations! What an achievement!

    I don’t know how you do it. I spend a significant chunk of each day just reading what you (and your excellent, diverse commenters) have to say. You do that plus read broadly and post interesting, well-written and insightful articles too. All I can say is thank you!


    1. BTW, I read your posts using an RSS reader (Feedly). I have Feedly configured to deliver content in chronological order. This post apparently didn’t appear before the Hili Dialogue in the RSS feed. Like Gravel-Inspector, I got to this post by following the link to the previous post from the Hili Dialogue post.

  5. Thanks for your assiduous efforts; that’s an amazing amount of writing, especially considering the subject matter you spend the most time on.

    Using 12 years as an approximate base, that’s 2,250/year, 187/month, 6/day. 👏

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