Rescued kangaroo becomes family member, couch potato (plus lagniappe)

February 6, 2023 • 1:40 pm

This post from Aubtu, which looks like a clickbait, feel-good site, is what I need at the end of another long day (I have a sore throat and am feeling grotty, but a Covid test shows that I’m negative).

Just a little backstory from the site (click on headline to read):

His name is Rufus. He was adopted by a kind-hearted couple when he was 8 months old. His momKym Haywood, runs the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston. [JAC: this is clearly the Boston in South Australia.]

Rufus so adores the couch that he spent almost his time on that. Luckily, he has good parents who always understand and give the best things for him. They know that Kufus is inseparable from that spot, so they decided to give him the entire sofa and buy another one for their own. They reserved that spot for their beloved Kufus, no one could sit on his spot, even their guests.

In the video footage of Kufu, when his mom told him it was bedtime, he was slumping onto the sofa and burying his head in the blanket. Another time, when his mom tried to bribe him with grapes to get him out of the sofa, smart Kufus accepted the grapes then quickly flops back down onto the sofa. His lovely action right away melted down thousands of hearts on Instagram.


And voilà, here’s the video of that giant ‘roo chilling with the fam.  I don’t much care for Mom’s narration of Rufus’s every move, but I’d love to have that thing on my couch. Look at that mighty tail!

Rufus’s Instagram site is rufusthecouchkangaroo

Two photos from the site. They both need a beer!

And of course YouTube suggested another kangaroo video for me, and I like it. So enjoy this joey going in and out of the pouch. Egresses at 0:20 and 2:08, and a whole lotta scratching going on. The little guy isn’t going to fit in there much longer!

3 thoughts on “Rescued kangaroo becomes family member, couch potato (plus lagniappe)

  1. I would love one of these to live with me, too. Definitely would provide them with their own couch. That tail is very powerful. He could really cold-cock a human with that.

  2. I’ve never felt quite the same about kangaroos after seeing the segment starting about 34 seconds into this song:

    I saw the Scaredies perform this song live in NZ, when they added a local-themed verse “Come to New Zealand, you might accidentally experience some mild discomfort”

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