Animals being rescued

January 26, 2023 • 1:38 pm

As does NBC News each evening, I’ll end today with another feel-good story: in this case a video of people helping animals in trouble. It’s this kind of stuff that I really go to Twitter and Facebook for.  Social media can show you the worst parts of humans, but also the best; and here’s some of the latter.

Yeah, it may be schlocky, but I don’t care. I like it. There’s a duck rescue, too.

9 thoughts on “Animals being rescued

  1. Closest such rescue that I can claim a part in was finding a sheep stuck in deep mud in a remote field in Derbyshire on a family holiday as a young teenager. We struggled to get it out, getting extremely muddy in the process but completely failed and instead resorted to reporting it at the nearest farmhouse. We showed the occupant where the poor animal was trapped and he got it free in about 30 seconds by grabbing hold of its ears and pulling harder than we would have dared to. Easy when you know how…!

    Thinking about it reminds me that I saved a kid I was playing with when I was about 4, also by running for help. (At the time we living in what in the UK is called a caravan site – a trailer park in USian, I think? As the Four Yorkshiremen would say, “we had it tough”.) My friend fell into a septic tank after he’d asked me to help him get the lid off – I refused, and the next thing I heard was a yell and a splash! Luckily I found some adults, who grabbed a ladder and hauled him out in time. Fortunately for the kid, the tank had been emptied recently enough that it wasn’t deep enough to drown him but also not completely empty so he wasn’t harmed by the fall. If you can call landing in a couple of feet of sewage fortunate…

  2. We all need a bit of a morale boost from time to time. I often watch Dodo videos on yootoob, like what you post from tw@tter, and which feature all sorts of animals in sad situations. They are always moving, heart wrenching, and frequently cause me to choke up. It’s nice to see that not every human being is a total asshole.

  3. I’m a complete sucker for these sorts of things. The compassion these humans show makes me just a little less cynical about homo sapiens, although, of course, it is human activity and human recklessness that puts so many animals in peril in the first place.

  4. At 4.33 is the cougar/puma/catamount really escaping with the lasso and the rod still attached to its neck ???

  5. The worse the national news, the more I need to see these videos of humans acting with compassion and kindness towards animals.

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