Spot the cat!

January 5, 2023 • 8:45 am

Reader Pradeep posted this photo on FB and called it to my attention. There is a moggy in this photo of a bookstore. Can you find it? I did, but it took a bit. I’d call this “medium”. If you find it, say so in the comments but don’t say where it is so that other readers don’t get a spoiler.

There will be a reveal at noon Chicago time.

20 thoughts on “Spot the cat!

  1. I call that one an “easy peasy”, however, over 60 years of feline servitude informed my search. This explains the 5 seconds to zoom the image and a quick scan, followed by “there it is”.

  2. Wow, that was not easy – I counted up to about 90. If I never did this, I’d probably take way longer so I’m not _bragging_, it’s just that Spot The ____ training _works_.

  3. I used an “inverse cat” algorithm to find it : find places that normal cats would have reduced to chaos – all those books perched on shelves being prime candidates – and ignore them ; high visibility spots like the top of the shelf units? Clear. And that gavies a reduced search area.
    As we’d say at the pool table, “stripes not spots”.

    1. Well played

      I was checking the lamps – nice n’ warm… LEDs might be perfect – incandescent too hot.

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