Orion/Artemis-1: “On our way home”

December 9, 2022 • 9:00 am

Here’s an update on the Orio/Artemis-1 mission, a photo, a video of what’s going to happen when it splashes down on Sunday, and another video for lagniappe.

I know it is likely too late for today’s Hili, but in case you want to mention location of some updated Artemis material on the Nasa mission blog:  the blog is updated every day or so and the version from Dec 7 has an embedded six-minute video that shows animation of re-entry process that is planned for Sunday and video of earlier sub-orbital tests of the capsule-parachute and recovery ship systems.

Here’s a photo taken of the Moon’s surface during one of the capsule’s closest approaches (the closest it got was 80 miles or 130 km):

(from NASA): art001e002164 (Dec. 5, 2022): Cameras mounted on the crew module of the Orion spacecraft captured these views of the Moon’s surface. On flight day 20 of the Artemis I mission, the spacecraft made its second and final close approach to the Moon before its returned powered flyby burn.

Here’s an informative 6-minute video of what’s happened and how the entry to Earth’s atmosphere and landing will go:

And an appropriate Beatles video; song by McCartney, recorded for the Let It Be album on Jan. 31, 1969. The whole gang is here, including Linda, Yoko, and George Martin and Billy Preston on the keyboards.

7 thoughts on “Orion/Artemis-1: “On our way home”

  1. As much as I cannot abide fanciful fonts – the one above – “Artemis All Access” is GREAT!

    Amazing moon photo – I think we are going to be astonished by things that sound ho-hum – a “moon photo”? Yes!

  2. Thanks for the Orion/Artemis update.

    The Beatles look surprisingly happy given the circumstances around the rehearsals and recording of the Let it Be album. Wikipedia says:

    When the band rehearsed McCartney’s “Two of Us” on 6 January, a tense exchange ensued between McCartney and Harrison about the latter’s lead guitar part. During lunch on 10 January, Lennon and Harrison had a heated disagreement in which Harrison berated Lennon for his lack of engagement with the project. Harrison was also angry with Lennon for telling a music journalist that the Beatles’ Apple organisation was in financial ruin. According to journalist Michael Housego’s report in the Daily Sketch, Harrison and Lennon’s exchange descended into violence with the pair allegedly throwing punches at each other. Harrison denied this in a 16 January interview for the Daily Express, saying: “There was no punch-up. We just fell out.” After lunch on 10 January, Harrison announced that he was leaving the band and told the others, “See you round the clubs.” Starr attributed Harrison’s exit to McCartney “dominating” him.

  3. Two of Us is great. I can even forgive Paul that terrible beard. All the Beatles took turns at being bearded — they were hairy times. 🙂

    1. I don’t really mind Paul’s beard, but it’s distracting because he can’t stop fiddling with it. You can see him doing it in the photo above, licking the moustache tip. I watched and loved Peter Jackson’s documentary of the Beatles making the Let it Be album, but damn, Paul couldn’t stop fucking with his beard! Drove me a bit crazy…habits/tics. I understand, though, he’s just human…or so I’m told. 🙂

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