9 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ footie

  1. Something about this reminds me of the Bedouin quote: “I against my brother. I and my brother against my cousin. I, my brother, and my cousin against the world“. Some of the squabbles in the region are fascinating – especially watching people drop all local animosities to team up against someone further out from the ‘inner circle’. It explains a LOT of the region’s politics.

    1. Yep, finding something in common heals a lot. And that’s why I’m convinced of the importance and need to drill into people’s heads what we’ve only relatively recently found compelling evidence for – that we all came out of (or stayed in) Africa ~100Kyrs ago.

      1. With the slight exception that some of our ancestors left Africa ~400K ya, then reunited and interbred with people from the more recent out of Africa movement.

    2. It explains a LOT of the region’s politics.

      I’m looking at Britain’s “Special Relationship” with America (and America’s not-so-special relationship with Britain) and thinking “the region’s politics” ? And the economic seppuku of Brexit?
      Well, I suppose that works for “regions” of 25,000km radius and larger.

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