7 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ narcissism

  1. Is it a coincidence that this strip was issued the day after Trump announced he was running for President again?

  2. Great strip. One thing I will point out to readers is that psychologists use a precise definition of “narcissism” that differs from the way laymen use the term – and the clinical definition is subject to change every few decades, or even from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The current versions of the ICD (v11, primarily used outside the US) and the DSM (v5, primarily used in the US) take a very different stance.

    It is perhaps important to note that the ICD has never featured the category Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), unlike the DSM, which has it since DSM-III and codes it under the ICD-category Other specific personality disorders (ICD-9: 301.8; ICD-10: F60.8). Patients who might have NPD are sometimes also diagnosed with Dissocial/Antisocial personality disorder (ICD-9: 301.7; ICD-10: F60.2).

    Wiki: ICT-11

    1. I think that depends on which gospel you read. In Mark’s gospel, Jesus was always telling his followers not to tell anybody he was the son of God and literally the first time he claimed it in public, he was dead within the week. In John’s gospel he was practically shouting it from the rooftops at every opportunity. Go figure.

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