Philomena on the Industrial Revolution

October 14, 2022 • 2:15 pm

“Rise of the Machines” is the penultimate episode of the five-part series “Cunk on Earth,” featuring our beloved Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk.

This one is all over the map, including steam engines, guns, slavery, Marie Curie, and, of course, “Pump Up the Jam” (at 21:44). Why that’s there is beyond my understanding.

9 thoughts on “Philomena on the Industrial Revolution

  1. ‘Pump up the Jam” in her videos is a big annoying, but copyright restrictions limit how long the clips can be. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed the Rise of the Machines by Cunk as well as the other videos in the series. I thought Pump Up the Jam annoying no matter why it was there. If it was meant to be annoying, well …………?

  3. Haven’t watched yet, but I assume Pump up the Jam is the annoying song, and not some automated jam jar-filling apparatus in a Duerr’s factory?

  4. Regarding Pump Up the Jam, they used a similar trope in the Cunk on Britain series with the opening credits of an 80s British sitcom (can’t remember what it was). I think it’s just an absurd moment of levity juxtaposed with all the horrors and complexities of human history.

    As for this series, I feel the writing isn’t quite as punchy and tight as in previous Cunk series/specials- sometimes one particular joke/question can go on for a beat or two too long in the interviews. But they have all made me laugh out loud (literally! A rare feat these days) I think I like this episode the best so far.

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