Thursday: Hili dialogue

October 13, 2022 • 6:30 am

Good morning on Thursday, October 13, 2022.  As you read this I will be in transit from Boston to Chicago, so we’ll have a truncated Hili dialogue today–and probably tomorrow. Out in Dobrzyn, Hili discuss two classes of people they don’t like:

Hili: Did you notice that politicians like to talk about morality?
A: Yes, they do it almost as often as priests.
In Polish:
Hili: Czy zwróciłeś uwagę na to, że politycy lubią mówić o moralności?
Ja: Tak, robią to prawie tak często jak księża.
And a picture of Kulka, apparently nuzzling a tree, by Paulina:

Readers who wish to add historical events, births, or deaths that happened on this day are welcome to consult the October 13 Wikipedia page and leave a comment below.

Oh, and a quick update on travel, i.e., food. My friend Andrew and I had a beer at the highly recommended Gustazo’s Cuban Kitchen and Bar on Mass. Ave. near Porter Square. We each had a small plate with our beers, which were Night Shift Whirlpool Pale Ale; Andrew had empanadas de carne, and I had a jibarito (a Cuban ham-and-cheese sandwich between slices of dried plaintain). All are shown below, and the food was excellent.

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  1. Keep the food pictures coming! That’s what smartphones are all about—taking pictures of food. 🙂 I wonder if cell phone pictures of food have anything to do with the obesity crisis. Food for thought. (Awful pun intended.)

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