Thursday: Hili dialogue

October 6, 2022 • 6:30 am

Good morning on Thursday, October 6, 2022.  I’m traveling and also deeply fatigued from insomnia, so may not be able to produce my usual travel posts. But here, at least, is a Hili dialogue.

Hili is once again mourning the lack of rationalism in today’s world:

Hili: Rationalism is just a theory.
A: It may be so, but it deserves to be often tested in practice.
In Polish:
Hili: Racjonalizm to tylko teoria.
Ja: Być może, ale zasługuje na częste sprawdzanie w praktyce.

18 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili dialogue

    1. “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory”

      … “clinical”?!?

      Otherwise, sounds great!

      1. Not sure people who bang out such gaseous clauses ought to be handing out writing prizes.

        Nonetheless, congrats to Mme Ernaux.

        1. Is it my imagination, or have I correctly heard over the last few years that “clinical” is used in connection with the law or with law schools?

          1. I looked it up – it appears there is a sense to mean “cold, detached” … as I figured they meant but … well, I was not aware it was separate from literal a clinic.

            I guess “pregnant” would be such a word too. The Nobel Prize committee’s pregnant statement bowled me over.

              1. “… a denial which implies its affirmative opposite by seeming to deny only a qualification of the allegation and not the allegation itself.”

                [ eyes glaze over ]

                … I appreciate that!

              2. … forgot, wanted to say – using the theme of ordinary words that also have completely different meanings :

                That was an august comment!

          2. Many law schools maintain “legal clinics” in which law students can, under the supervision of a law professor, render legal assistance to indigent members of the local community, as a means of gaining hands-on experience while studying.

            I’m not sure if this is the use you’re referring to, Filippo.

    2. “The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2022 is awarded to the French author Annie Ernaux “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory”.

      In her writing, Ernaux consistently and from different angles, examines a life marked by strong disparities regarding gender, language and class. Her path to authorship was long and arduous.”

      ^^^ all that is from the Nobel Prize website, which changes.

  1. Happy Birthday to John McWhorter.

    FFRF has an extensive bio on their website. I was not aware of his many interests, but the quote about religious people having to wall off some portion of their minds to maintain their faith really hit home with me.


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