Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ atonement

October 5, 2022 • 8:00 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “blood2”, is recycled, with the note, “Another holiday resurrection today – this is a dick joke from fifteen years ago.”

It’s a pretty good one, and limns the central tenet of Christianity—one that you can hardly be called a Christian without believing, and one that has never made any sense to me (especially God punishing himself/his own son).  Mo gets it, though.

11 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ atonement

    1. I laughed out loud when I first read the toon, but didn’t notice the bird. Repeat on seeing the bird. Good eye!

  1. Nice and to the point. Millions believe this utter nonsense. If there was a god and it enacted that “reality”, I wouldn’t want anything to do with that god.

  2. The bird may have fainted while thinking, “I can’t believe this! One of them finally said something that makes sense!”

  3. Atone comes from “at one”, or to be in harmony. It took on today’s meaning of “to make some kind of reparation” a little while later.

    Logically I can’t help but think I am a product of the universe so in this sense, I am “at one” with it.

  4. Did someone ever tried to demonstrate a before/after effect in sin rates at the time of the alleged death of Jesus?

  5. The amazing thing* is that Christians disagree about literally EVERY aspect of their belief system. There isn’t a single item of doctrine, even the most central, that isn’t a subject of debate and dispute, right down to what Jesus’ sacrifice even meant.

    That God sure is a tricky communicator!

    *(Well, not so amazing if you recognize it as a human confection).

  6. Over 45,000 different christian cults (increasing at a rate of more than 2 per day) who often claim to be the “one and only *true religion*” and who can’t even agree on what being a christian is, can’t be wrong*. /S

    *NOTE: They also can’t even recognize the “ad populum” fallacy when you point it out.

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