My interview about evolution with Ray the Producer

September 4, 2022 • 1:35 pm

Yesterday I had an interview with “Ray the Producer” (his YouTube channel, “Allah Who?” is here, and he tends to interview people who are critical of Islam. I was invited on to talk about evolution, a theory that is widely rejected by Muslims, especially those who are Qur’anic literalists. And so the 1.5 hour conversation is about the evidence for evolution and why people reject it. (Ray is an ex-Muslim atheist.)

Here’s the video, and remember that I had about three hours of sleep when I did it yesterday morning. As always, I haven’t listened to it as I cannot abide seeing myself on video. If you can, and want to, here it is for your delectation.

10 thoughts on “My interview about evolution with Ray the Producer

  1. Watching now. I just setup a fire stick for Thursday Night Football at my local pool room, installed YouTube and am playing the interview at said pool room for a test.

    The billiard table, as a Sabbath-breaker can beat any coal-breaker in Pennsylvania and give it 30 in the game.

    Mark Twain

    He was a straight pool player. I prefer one pocket.

    1. I like that. I’ve been telling my students for years that it’s really survival of the good enough, except under specific circumstances. I may have to change to reproduction or clarify that the survivors are the genes.

  2. I’ll watch the rest of this later, but THIS kind of thing is The Best way for you to run your retirement.
    Books are great, but they trend towards people who can, y’know, read. Podcasts get the message out so much wider to a larger number of people, many who aren’t particularly motivated by science, but will listen to kill some time.
    THESE are the best people for you to reach in fighting the forces of darkness/creationism.
    And you perform well on the podcasts I’ve seen you on – better on the visual ones like this than, say, Sam Harris’ audio-only I think.
    Keep it up!

  3. Nice job! I found myself answering the questions right beside you! Must have been fun, and a great education for the audience as well. There are lots of positive comments from viewers.

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