CFI Video: Dawkins and I discuss his latest book

September 3, 2022 • 1:15 pm

Two days ago I interviewed Richard Dawkins about his latest book: Flights of Fancy: Defying Gravity by Design and Evolution. The Center for Inquiry’s video is already up, and if you missed the live version you can watch it below. The discussion is about 45 minutes long with another 15 minutes for questions.  At the end of the discussion, Richard describes the book he’s writing now.

I haven’t watched this one; like many, I can’t bear to see myself on video.

11 thoughts on “CFI Video: Dawkins and I discuss his latest book

  1. I’m only up to ~15 min (I’ll finish later) – glad that it is available – like the book itself, such a delight! Spontaneous, fresh, enjoyable personalities – to say nothing of the discussion! Hip shirt too – cheers!

  2. I attended the event live, and you both did a nice job! Dawkins’s ideas were the focus, and the conversation went beyond the book to cover a lot of ground.

    At the very end, the question came up regarding whether Dawkins writes his books without rewrites. His response was that he rewrites and revisits over and over and over. This fact is one of the reasons that his books are written with such clarity! I also think that when people work hard on getting every word right they improve their own understanding of what they are trying to say, which also benefits the reader.

    Thank you for conducting the interview. Dawkins is among the best thinkers of our time.

    1. It was interesting that the entire book was originally a chapter of The Magic of Reality.

      Yeah, the crystal clarity – a brief reading and —I mean, call it “high school” physics, but I never heard such an encompassing treatment of how a wing works — and with such … effortlessness.

    2. I’m in a jubilant mood, and I thought of this musical analogy :

      The writing about the wing reminds me of hearing e.g. piano master Martha Argerich playing a “childrens’ ” piece like Schumann’s Traümerei… or even a childrens’ piano exercise. Everyone’s jaw would hit the floor.

  3. I watched it live (I give Money to CFI so they sent me an invite also!) and enjoyed it very much. It was like being in an intellectual zoom party with friends. And it sold me on RD’s next book on the genetic book of the dead.
    Great and informative show with a top notch interviewer and interviewee.

  4. As I mentioned on another post, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. The content was excellent. The only thing I could suggest if I may, Jerry, is to prop up your notes and list of questions on a book stand. That way you can avoid looking down at them when you’re so close to the webcam/microphone. Your voice gets quite muted when your head is down.

  5. I very much enjoyed this interview/conversation, and have ordered a copy of the book for my nephew (which will technically be ‘used’ once he gets it since I must read it first!)

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