Caturday felid trifecta: Man prints 3D helmets for his cat; cats take over the Catskills; BBC cat quiz

August 13, 2022 • 10:00 am

From My Modern Met, here’s a guy who uses 3-D printers to make helmets for cats!  What better way to use those printers (except to make artificial feet for maimed ducks?). Click to read:

Some text:

Rémy Vicarini and his cat named Cathode spend quite a lot of time together. And with their adventures ranging from skiing to long bike rides through town, it’s no surprise that the loving pet parent wanted to give his furry friend a little extra protection. Using specialized software, Vicarini creates custom designs and then 3D prints the helmets so they fit his cat perfectly. But he’s also gotten quite creative with the feline’s headgear, and some of his designs are just for fun. In addition to motorcycle helmets and a custom kitty hardhat—all equipped with special holes so Cathode’s ears can fit through—Vicarini has also designed replicas of the Iron Man helmet and even Darth Vader’s headpiece for his cat.

Vicarini has his own Instagram page with photos of his creations.

Two videos. First, the making of the motorcycle helmet and then footage of Vicarini and Cathode riding on the bike:

Here’s the making of an “Ironman Cat Helmet”. For this one, You can download the printing files (for free, I think) here. The visor even lifts off by pressing a button:

A few more of Vicarini’s helmets:

For the working cat:


From Life & Cats we have this article, referring to the town of Catskill, New York (population around 11,300). This refers to the town, not to the Catskill Mountains (part of the Appalachians), which themselves are famous for their resorts, and especially for the many Jewish comedians who got their start in those resorts.

But let’s go to the town, which is full of cat statues:

From the article:

Every summer cats take over the town of Catskill, New York. The Heart of Catskill Association promotes Cat’n Around Catskill. Around 50 cat statues pop up in Catskill. Each is sponsored by a local business or civic group and highly decorated by talented artists. They are auctioned off at the end of the season in a big gala.

We took a road trip to see the cats. But that is not the only reason to visit the Catskill Mountains region in New York. There are many cat-friendly activities and places to visit in Catskill and the surrounding towns.

Some of the statues:

The Peace Kitty:

Craft beer from the Catskill Brewery, whose symbol seems to be a devil cat crossed with a raccoon.


And a cat quiz from the BBC (click to take it):

There are seven questions, and I had to guess on the last one, but I got a purr-fect score!

If you missed the last question, you can see the answer in this video. You will learn something.

h/t: Paul, Merilee, Malcolm

11 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: Man prints 3D helmets for his cat; cats take over the Catskills; BBC cat quiz

  1. The ‘cat’ in Catskill really appears to refer to cats (bobcats or pumas, that is not clear). A ‘kil’ is a creek in older Dutch, so ‘kat’s kil’ would be ‘cat’s creek’.

      1. That wasn’t my last question either. Mine was the name of the 1st space cat. I think I got it right because of WEIT.

    1. 6/7, I thought the oldest evidence of domestication was in art (in case on a pot), not the jawbone.

  2. Those helmets are amazing. My cat barely tolerates a collar.
    I love that one with the visor that lifts.
    Great cat post!

    1. Yeah, amazing these cat appear not to fight their ‘weird’ helmets. Arewe sure they were not ‘catnipped’ or so?

  3. I’m amazed that his cat tolerates having those things on its head. My cat would have gone berserk, and would not have rested until he had got them off. I did very poorly on the quiz, managing only to fluke the last one. The gait one was interesting. I was aware of the difference between trotting and pacing, and my dog would switch from one to the other seemingly at random (“seemingly” in there as a sop to the determinists) but despite having had cats for many years had never consciously registered that they were always pacers.

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